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What Industries Benefit from Video Interpretation?

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The world’s dependence on digital communication has been growing for years, and the language industry is no exception. Video interpretation is one of the fastest-growing communication solutions around the world. This service benefits a variety of businesses and industries. In today’s blog post, Akorbi explains some of the industries that benefit the most from video interpretation solutions. 


The healthcare industry is, arguably, the industry most dependent on video interpretation solutions. Language barriers can mean the difference between life and death in a healthcare setting. When a patient comes into an emergency room and doesn’t speak the local language, doctors and nurses need to communicate with the patient effectively. When a patient or care team needs to speak with a specialist who lives overseas, video interpretation is the best way to overcome language barriers. Video interpretation is easy to use, and it helps healthcare providers and patients save money in the long term while improving patient outcomes. 


Courtrooms around the world use video interpreting services for a variety of things. To ensure all defendants and accusers have access to equal justice and a fair trial, courts must allow them to speak and understand what is spoken to them without any hindrances. Many courtrooms have turned to video remote interpretation to solve this problem. Video remote interpretation ensures fair treatment to all people who walk into a courtroom, and it enables the court to enact a reasonable judgment. 


Language represents one of the most challenging barriers in the education system today. For students who speak a different language than their peers and their teachers, it can seem impossible to learn and grow. Likewise, teachers find it difficult to explain the curriculum and teach students who can’t understand them. Many schools have turned to video interpretation for this problem. It helps students to understand the language better and experience a more productive learning environment. 

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