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What Content Needs Localization for Your Business?

Several mediums of content

What Content Needs Localization for Your Business?

If your business creates content of any kind — whether it’s content for your website or content for your product packaging — there will always be a need for localization. Put simply, localization is the process of taking translated content and adapting it to the specific local region it is intended for. This is very important, especially when you are targeting a specific market or audience. In today’s blog post, Akorbi discusses at what content needs localization services the most.


In today’s culture, so much of our content is delivered through online mediums, such as websites and email. While many people consume their content through social media, much of the business world is still dominated by web content. If your business is seeking to expand to an international market, localization will be key. Translation is not enough if you want these markets to engage with your website and turn that engagement into conversions.


Translation and localization are notoriously tricky when it comes to multimedia content, because it encompasses so many potential mediums. Localization is more comprehensive than simple translation because multimedia content requires unique production. With translation, you can simply overlay audio or use subtitles to get the job done.

However, localizing multimedia content takes much more effort. This process is especially important if your multimedia content is meant to drive traffic to your website and push conversions. Without localizing that content, engagement will be more difficult to find.

Training Materials

Along with localizing marketing and sales oriented content materials, like online and multimedia content, many businesses need to localize training materials for their staff around the world. We see this most often with franchises that have a global reach. These businesses will have to create their training materials in the right language for the region in question, and localizing the materials will substantially improve outcomes.

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If you are looking for localization capabilities, Akorbi can provide the resources you need. For more information on the services we offer, get in touch with us at (214) 256-9222 or contact us online today.

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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »