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What Are the Different Types of Legal Translation Services

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Legal translation is an important part of operations for many legal practices. Legal translation services meet many needs at law firms every day. From marriage certificates to business contracts, legal documents are intricate and include difficult or complicated terminology, so having strong translation services is key. In today’s blog post, Akorbi will look at some different applications of translation for law practices.


Few legal documents are trickier to deal with than wills and last testaments. Throw in language barriers, and it becomes even trickier. Translating a will requires absolute accuracy, making legal translation that much more important. Having an agency that is experienced with multilingual legal terminology will ensure that the will is translated correctly. When a will isn’t translated correctly, there may be legal disputes over the contents of the will.

Marriage Certificates

For bilingual marriages, particularly when a spouse is new to the country, translation of marriage certificates is crucial. Marriage certificates are difficult to replace, and multilingual marriage certificates are even more difficult. In a divorce proceeding, strong translation is especially important.


Contacts and Agreements

When dealing with contracts or agreements between parties who speak different languages, it goes without saying how important translation is. In negotiations, the details of the contract will be the subject of serious scrutiny. When words are lost in translation, determining what the fine print actually means can be difficult. Hiring a professional translation company like Akorbi will ensure that you are getting the most accurate translation. 

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