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Ways Your Firm Can Offer Multilingual Contact Center Support

Multilingual Contact Center

5 Ways to Offer Multilingual Contact Center Support

Imagine that your firm is working on an international contract, the largest your company has ever signed. Or perhaps it’s time to expand your language services for existing clients. Maybe you only need a little extra help for staffers who frequently work with people who speak foreign languages. Whatever your situation may be, multilingual contact center support provides a vital link to expand your market in a global economy. Akorbi explains five ways to offer multilingual contact center support of varying levels at your company.

1. In-House Advisors

Having formal in-house advisors gives you complete control over your multilingual contact center offerings. Staffers proficient in specific languages can be on duty during the business hours of a particular country or region making the incoming contact. However, if any of your in-house advisors go on vacation, you suddenly have a gap in service. You may have multiple time zones to cover and not enough staff for them. Hiring, on-boarding, and retaining the right people for the job can get expensive, too.

2. Technological Translation Tools

As computer algorithms and software improve, so does translation and interpretation. Multilingual contact center support includes programs and apps that translate emails, forum posts, chat interactions, and social media posts. These tools often deliver very accurate translations, especially when it comes to industry-specific jargon. You also save money by not hiring a person to translate. Technology does have limits, and sometimes words may be mistranslated or misunderstood. Software often doesn’t work with voice interactions, which are a growing segment of translation services.

3. Call Routing

An efficient way to take care of all of the voice interactions is to route all calls through a multilingual contact center. Instead of taking the calls in-house, all calls automatically go to a multilingual contact center that can handle specific languages. Routing allows you to maintain consistent customer service standards. However, it’s not very economical as you face delays in dealing with important customers who have immediate issues. Call routing can be expensive as you may have to set up multiple units in various countries.

4. Over-the-Phone Translation and Interpretation

Over-the-phone translation and interpretation works best for companies with limited call volume. People at your firm talk to an interpreter, and the interpreter speaks to the customer or client. Professional human translation using native speakers is very accurate for a multilingual contact center. However, it can get expensive if you have high call volumes or the interpreter bills on a per-minute basis. Resolution times are always longer because you have to go through the extra step of an interpreter.

5. BPO Outsourcing at Akorbi

BPO outsourcing of your entire multilingual contact center operation represents the most effective way to handle language services. Akorbi offers professional translation services because that’s a large part of our business model. You get to focus on your core business functions. We ensure your data and customer interactions are secure, whether you need us to handle hundreds of calls, work in multiple languages, or translate meetings. Contact us today or give us a call toll-free at 1-877-425-6724.

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