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Video Remote Interpretation Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Medical Team and Video Remote Interpretation

How Video Remote Interpretation Revolutionizes the Healthcare Industry

Video remote interpretation, or VRI, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry in many ways. VRI improves access to healthcare for patients with language barriers as well as patients who are hard-of-hearing. Remote professional interpreter services save time and resources across many types of healthcare fields. In today’s blog, Akorbi explains how video remote interpretation benefits medical professionals and patients in many healthcare settings.

Hospital/Urgent Care

Hospitals and urgent care facilities save lives every day. Video remote interpretation serves as a bridge for multilingual communication between patients and medical teams. The care team has the interpreter appear on a mobile device, smartphone, or video screen to interpret two or more languages. The interpreter translates what the patient says and relays instructions from the doctor to the patient to achieve the best possible outcome. VRI allows medical teams to communicate in hundreds of languages quickly and efficiently, without the need to retain dozens of on-site interpreters.

Doctors’ Offices

Doctors can schedule on-demand video remote interpretation for medical appointments with patients who speak different languages. Staffers can tell patients that an interpreter is on hand, thereby putting the patient’s mind at ease and making the appointment less stressful. The doctor simply uses a handheld mobile device to make this process work. Accurate interpretation enhances patient-doctor communication, thereby making patients more invested in their healthcare outcomes. Interpreters relay a doctor’s questions and instructions, translate written documents, and help a doctor listen better to what a patient is saying.

Continuous Care

One technological part of medical care that is receiving a lot of attention is continuous, at-home care. Video remote interpretation is one vital aspect for in-home care to help patients take care of themselves. This service alleviates the stress, travel, and potential disease transmission of in-person visits. Medical trackers and wireless devices allow patients to be monitored 24/7 at home. These devices will enable the medical care team to intervene any time they notice something awry.

Rather than make a doctor’s office visit, a patient can have a videoconference with the doctor. The physician can then make a diagnosis or suggest further treatments based on regular check-ups made from home. An interpreter works in real-time with video remote interpretation.

Video Remote Interpretation and Akorbi

Video remote interpretation from Akorbi saves your healthcare company money by having an on-demand service and eliminating the need for an interpreter’s travel costs to the site. Rather than hire professional interpreters as part of your staff, you can outsource your language services to experts. ADAPT powered by Akorbi allows you to schedule video sessions, manage data and documents, and track spending, all on a simple dashboard. Contact us today or give us a call toll-free at 1-877-425-6724 to learn more about VRI services at our company.

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