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Video Interpretation Services for the Deaf Community

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Video interpretation services make it easy to communicate clearly across linguistic barriers. Video interpretation is an important way that your business or organization can communicate effectively with many groups, and that includes the deaf and hard of hearing! In today’s blog post, Akorbi shows how video interpretation benefits deaf and hard of hearing communities. 

How Does Video Interpretation Work?

Akorbi’s video remote interpreting technology allows businesses to connect with customers and clients within seconds via high-quality digital conferencing with multilingual interpretation. This means that you can access a qualified interpreter when and where you need them. Setting up video interpretation services at your location is easy with Akorbi. All you’ll need is internet access and a computer with a webcam, or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Simply sign in to Akorbi’s ADAPT online portal and get started!

Benefits of Video Interpretation for the Deaf Community 

While people most often think of business applications for video remote interpretation, the group that benefits the most from this service is the deaf and hard of hearing community. Over 460 million people around the world have some form of hearing loss, so accurate interpretation is extremely important. If on-site interpreting services not available, remote video interpretation service is an excellent option for individuals, organizations, and businesses.  Whether you work for an international aid organization, a national retail business, or a local community college, it is crucial to consider your deaf and hard of hearing customers and clients. In the medical industry, a fast response time in an emergency situation can make all the difference. Remote video interpretation can ensure clear communication within minutes, whether you need to communicate in English, Spanish, or American Sign Language. 

Contact Akorbi for More Information

At Akorbi, we recognize the importance of providing the right interpretation services for the deaf and hard of hearing community. For more information on our interpretation services, give us a call at (214) 256-9222 or contact us online

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