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Vetting Candidates as Part of Technical Staffing Solutions

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Technical Staffing Solutions: How to Vet Tech Candidates

Technical staffing solutions offer many challenges to companies in a global economy. You may not be able to hire someone locally because the experts you seek live in another region or even another country. In a highly competitive job market, you must also balance finding top talent with budgetary concerns. Akorbi explains some valid techniques for vetting tech employees with specific skills when it comes to technical staffing solutions.

Post Relevant Job Descriptions

This process starts with relevant job descriptions. Every description for each role in your company needs to be as accurate and honest as possible. List the most important qualifications first, such as a college degree, number of years’ experience, and technical certifications. Having accurate job descriptions automatically weeds out candidates that don’t apply because they see they aren’t qualified. You can save tons of staff time and effort with accurate job descriptions as part of your technical staffing solutions.

Check Degrees and Certifications

Technical employees often have very specific skill sets, including degrees and certifications. Always check on a candidate’s educational background. Ask the candidate for transcripts from all institutes of higher learning. If you need further information, contact the college or university to verify that the transcript is real. Do the same for any professional certifications. You can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to technical staffing solutions.

Create a Sample Problem

There’s nothing wrong with asking a candidate to solve a potential problem as part of your technical staffing solutions. Create a relevant, real-world project for someone to solve as a way to demonstrate their skills. You don’t want the project to be too time-consuming, or you’ll scare talent away. Try to design a problem or project that doesn’t take more than an hour to finish.

Reach Out and Ask Questions

Reach out to candidates and ask questions. They should be able to answer your queries with ease, especially when it comes to their educational background, certifications, and technical expertise. If they stumble or falter on certain questions, you might re-think that particular candidate. Phone interviews are a normal part of the hiring process for technical staffing solutions, so don’t be afraid to set up a phone interview with candidates to gauge their personality ahead of a more formal interview.  

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