Website Localization

Akorbi’s experts have a deep understanding of international cultures and languages. Our in-country localization staff reviews the language and style of each document with careful attention to cultural and language nuances. They ensure your documents are completely valid and accurate for each geographic market.

Native-speaking testers then send the adapted versions through rigorous testing to ensure that no codes have been broken by the internationalization processes and that the product is ready for distribution.

We have a diverse team of programmers, graphic designers, translators, reviewers, proofreaders, engineers, testers and project managers who work on the projects. Plus, our experienced localization project managers oversee every step of the translation process so your project is on time and on budget.


Akorbi’s website localization and translation proxy services offer the following features:

  • Automatic content discovery
  • Translation in your website’s original layout
  • Automatic change detection and notification
  • Advanced dynamic site management
  • Worldwide content delivery network
  • Scalability

Automatic content discovery

Akorbi automatically crawls all your website content and handles the translation automatically, without any intervention required from your company.

Translation in your website’s original layout

Akorbi’s translators will work in your website’s original layout to avoid any contextual or fitting mistakes.

Automatic change detection and notification

Akorbi will monitor your website, and if new content is added, it will be translated immediately and available in every language you require, without any intervention from your company.

Worldwide content delivery network

By providing a worldwide content delivery network, Akorbi offers a better visitor experience. Your website’s different language versions will be edge-cached on servers near the relevant market, so your visitors will experience shorter response times.


Akorbi’s translation proxy runs on the same infrastructure as Gmail and Google Search, so it can easily handle large amounts of traffic.


Akorbi has extensive experience in translation proxy services, and is one of the first companies to offer this rapidly growing technology.

When evaluating a translation proxy service provider, make sure they offer the following:

  • Risk of Vendor Lock – For translations in XLIFF.
  • Performance – Through a global content delivery network.
  • Reliability (SLA), Disaster Recovery & Failover.
  • Scalability – For campaigns and new market introductions.
  • Translation Technology – For in-layout editing and workflow management.
  • Translating of Dynamic Content – Using commonly used expressions.
  • Competitive Pricing – Don’t be stuck paying a licensing fees, translation memory fees, traffic fees – and more.
  • Customer Care & Support – For fast response times, problem-solving and quality support.

Application Development

Akorbi develops high-end applications and system architectures that are scalable, customized and targeted to multiple countries and specific locations.

We provide the following application development services:

  • Websites, software and web applications for audiences in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • Localized software for the following languages: Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, French, Hebrew, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • Environment replication for localizing Help and User Interface (UI), as well as content and file management, source control, dialog resizing, pseudo-localization testing and bug regression.


Akorbi’s automated translation services combine human translation and advanced automation tools to increase accuracy and speed, while reducing repetitive human tasks. Automation is ideal for large and high-volume publishing and translation projects, such as manuals, directories and benefit summaries that previously required multiple translators and thousands of man hours. Now, with a click of a button, they can be completed in a fraction of the time and cost.

Increase your productivity, speed-to-market and customer satisfaction
With our automated services, you don’t have to wait for an expert to translate routine documents or spend valuable time and resources on formatting, translation and proofreading tasks that are highly repetitive.

Machine Translation

Do you need to translate informational or unofficial documents?
Do you have a very large translation project?

If so, machine translations may be the answer. Because they have an accuracy rate of about 70%, we recommend combining machine translations with human translation, which exceed 95% accuracy levels. Our translators can review and edit machine translations to improve accuracy.

Accuracy rates for machine translations also increase with technical translations, that have consistent writing styles and terminology. Machine translation software programs recognize these consistencies and produce translations with greater accuracy. Learn more about the technology-based automation Akorbi uses.

We don’t recommend machine translation for sensitive documents, such as marketing materials, legal agreements, hand-written text and business correspondence. Human translations are much more effective with colloquialisms and jargon.

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