Transcription Services

For over a decade, Akorbi’s transcription services have been among the best in the world. As a part of our translation department, our transcription services work to provide organizations and businesses with translation and localization solutions that help you meet your communication needs. We work with you to find the best solution for your organization and business and our transcription services are a major part of that process.

Highly Skilled Transcriptionists

As is true with every Akorbi department, our service and solutions would not be possible without our world-class staff. Our transcription services are performed by highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists with expert knowledge of Windows-based word processing and data management applications. We take pride in our staff, and our transcriptionists are the best in the business.

Experienced Linguists

What makes our transcription services unique is that we focus on multilingual transcription, which makes the process more complicated. Our team of qualified linguists provides transcriptions of interviews, dictations, business and medical meetings, conference calls, and focus groups. We also offer services for more public communication needs like press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, and seminars.


Our linguists can provide your organization or business with accurate transcription solutions that are both efficient and affordable. Akorbi is also flexible and is able to work with you to find a transcription solution, even under time-sensitive deadlines.

Seamless Integration

Arguably the most important aspect of our transcription services, Akorbi works to combine our ability to efficiently transcribe and accurately translate into a holistic solution, seamlessly integrating your transcriptions and translations into transcripts in various formats. We offer language transcription solutions for almost any audio format and pride ourselves on our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability. We provide our clients with multilingual transcripts that can be easily integrated with your internal systems.

Compared to our competitors, there is nobody in the translation and transcription industry that can seamlessly transcribe multilingual communications into a business’ existing internal systems like Akorbi.

Akorbi Can Provide You With The Best Transcription Services

For many companies, transcription is a major factor in the day-to-day operations of the business. Things like managing an office, getting the most out of conference calls, and providing your client with the best legal services are all dependent on maintaining a steady and accurate flow of information that is only done through transcription. When these transcriptions need to be multilingual, it can make your operations more difficult to maintain. Let Akorbi help change that. Contact us today at 1 (877) 425-6724 or keep looking around our website for more information on our transcription solutions.


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