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Translation Services: How Can You Verify Accuracy?

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A translated document or webpage is only useful if it is translated accurately. This makes the localization industry important because translation services aren’t always cut and dry. There are many different factors to consider such as unique dialects and slang. It is essential to know that your translations are accurate before using them. In today’s blog post, Akorbi examines how you can know that your translation service is providing you with accurate work.

Proofread Your Own Work

The first thing you can do to ensure correct translations is to fix any spelling errors or mistakes on your end. Translation services often only translate what you give them. Companies rely on the work being proofread beforehand. So, if there are errors, misspellings, or even grammar mistakes in your work before you have it translated, you might see those mistakes in the translation. Even worse, spelling mistakes can lead to mistranslations. Finding a spelling mistake from a mistranslation is harder to correct compared to simple spelling errors before the translation occurs.

Communicate With Your Translator

Communication with the translator is another important aspect of accuracy in translation services. One common reason that people are unhappy with their translation services is because the expectations didn’t represent the services they received. The investment fell short of deliverables. For example, your business needs translation services that are focused on localization. You only invest in a basic translation package, but you won’t get the results you are looking for when you want localization. To ensure accurate translation, your translator needs to know what you are looking for.

Know What You Want to Say

Arguably the most important aspect of accurate translations is knowing what you are wanting to say. When we type out a statement or content for a website, we type it in our own language, dialect, and slang. However, that same language, dialect, and slang might translate well to another language. Before getting your content translated, you need to know what exactly you are wanting to say in terms of voice and style so that your translator is aware.

Contact Akorbi For Translation Services

If your business is looking for translation services, Akorbi wants to help. We offer a variety of services, from localization to document translation. For more information on what we have to offer, give us a call at (214) 256-9222 or contact us online today.

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