Translation Services for Insurance

Woman doing translation services for insurance

In today’s competitive, global insurance market, translation is a vital component of the industry. Whether it be for health insurance, automotive insurance, or property insurance, translation services allow policymakers to connect with customers and employees worldwide. Since insurance documentation can be incredibly complex and requires absolute accuracy, policymakers need translators who have a deep understanding of the insurance industry and its terminology.

At Akorbi, we work with native speakers and subject matter experts to provide accurate, reliable translations that comply with rules and regulations across the globe. Here, we discuss some of the ways our translation services can benefit your company.

Reach Customers in the US

Nearly one in five Americans speak a different language at home, which means that insurance documentation in the US must be available in a variety of languages. Whether customers are choosing a policy or filing a claim, accurate translations ensure that all important information is communicated clearly and effectively. By working with subject matter experts in the insurance industry, we ensure that all industry terminology is conveyed with absolute accuracy. With effective translation services, your company is available to more US consumers.

Compete in Global Markets

Insurance companies today are looking for ways to expand into global markets. Due to language barriers and foreign rules and regulations, this can be a huge challenge. At Akorbi, we work with insurance experts across the globe. This not only ensures that documentation is translated with complete accuracy, but it also ensures your company complies with regulations in foreign markets. With the help of our translation services, you can safeguard your company as you expand your global reach.

Over the Phone Interpretation

In addition to documentation translation, Akorbi also provides over the phone interpretation. Our multilingual contact centers — located in the US, Latin America, Africa, and Asia — provide your customers with access to excellent bilingual speakers. Whether they need to file a claim or ask a question about their policy, they can speak to an experienced and knowledgeable translator. We support over 170 languages, allowing you to reach a wide range of customers. In the highly-regulated insurance industry, over the phone interpretation is a vital part of any business.

Contact Akorbi

Since 2003, Akorbi has provided interpretation and translation services to businesses and individuals all around the world. Unlike some other translation agencies, we make sure to work with subject matter experts to improve our standing with insurance companies and other highly-technical industries. To learn how Akorbi can help your business communicate with new customers, contact us today!