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Translation Services and Social Media Presence

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Translation Services for Maintaining International Social Media Presence

Maintaining a social media presence is vital for a modern business. This is no different whether it’s a small, local boutique or a multinational corporation. If your social media goes beyond your local area, then you should already be considering finding translation services.

This is especially true if you are globally engaging various clients, as being able to engage them online in their own language is essential. In this blog, Akorbi looks at the real importance of translation services for social media presence.

Connecting Directly with Global Users

The biggest benefit offered by social media is the ability to connect directly with a global audience in an instant. If you’re trying to send a message globally to a variety of different nations, then you’re going to need to do it in their native language. Relying on the end-user translating it themselves or running it through translation software or apps is not enough. The message needs to be preserved in order for it to be fully understood.

Translation and Real Engagement

The reason for this is ultimately the reason that social media is the industry it is today — engagement. The best businesses use social media to truly engage with their audience, talking to them and, most importantly, speaking their language. This doesn’t just mean using translation services to literally translate.

It means making the most of cultural context, interests that may be unique to an audience of a specific region, and words or phrases that may not have equivalents in other languages. If your audience, clients, customers, or users are having to go to the effort of translating your social media content themselves, then they’re likely to get frustrated. They’re also far more likely to end up getting the wrong message.

Maintaining Your Brand Identity All Over the World

Maintaining a consistent brand identity can be hard enough in your native language, especially across social media platforms that require different forms of engagement. Having to translate those brand representations can make things even harder. Professional translation services can provide you with accurate translations that communicate the language of your brand, so your image and voice aren’t lost in the process.

Ask Akorbi About Professional Translation Services

Engaging in different language across social media and online platforms is just one way that your company can benefit from translation services. Hiring the right multilingual staff, properly interpreting materials and documentation, speaking to clients and customers and communicating with other businesses are all enhanced by having the right language resources. Contact Akorbi today and make those resources available to you.

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