Multilingual Contact Center Support for Portuguese

Brazil translation and interpretationOriginating in Portugal, Portuguese has nearly 220 million native speakers throughout Europe, South America (Brazilian Portuguese), and Africa (Portuguese Creole). Although the basics of the language are the same throughout the world, regional dialects can differ dramatically. To ensure our translation and interpretation services are accurate and reliable in different countries, Akorbi partners with native Portuguese speakers across the globe. Here, we discuss some of the ways we can help your business reach customers in Portuguese markets.

Portuguese Varieties

During the age of exploration and colonization, the Portuguese language spread throughout the world. Over the years, the language has undergone some dramatic changes, giving rise to a variety of regional dialects. The three main dialects are European, South American, and African. Though each the grammatical structure of the language is the same across the world, syntax, vocabulary, and accents vary depending on the location. At Akorbi, we ensure that our translation and interpretation services include localization so nothing is lost between dialects.


Multilingual Contact Centers

Over the phone interpretation allows customers across the globe to speak with highly-trained native speakers and get their questions answered. This is particularly important for highly-regulated industries. To accommodate native Portuguese speakers, Akorbi has multilingual contact centers across the globe, including centers in South America and Africa. We offer competitive rates and exceptional quality, giving our customers the translation and interpretation services they need at a great value.

Translation and Interpretation for Portuguese

Translation and interpretation services for Portuguese are in high demand. As Brazil’s economy continues to grow, more businesses are looking to connect with Portuguese speakers. If you are planning to do business with a Brazilian company — or a company in any Portuguese-speaking country — it is important that your communication is accurate, reliable, and localized.

At Akorbi, we work with native speakers and subject matter experts to translate highly-technical documentation with complete accuracy. This allows us to translate documents with complex terminology for a variety of industries, including insurance, manufacturing, medicine, finance, and engineering. For meetings and other interpersonal interactions between business partners, we provide interpretation on-site, over the phone, and via video.

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At Akorbi, we pride ourselves on accuracy and professionalism. Our translation and interpretation services are flexible to accommodate the demands of your company and industry. When you work with Akorbi, a constant dialogue takes place between your company, our project managers, and our translation team, ensuring no information is lost. If your business is looking for Portuguese language support, contact Akorbi today.

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