Multilingual Contact Center Support for French

French translation and interpretationSpoken in 29 languages across nearly five continents, French has approximately 76 million native speakers, making it one of the most common languages in the world. Since countries like France, Canada, and Belgium play a major role in global economics, businesses are constantly searching for translation and interpretation services that allow them to connect with French-speaking clients and customers.

At Akorbi, we partner with native French speakers and subject matter experts to provide accurate and dependable translations and interpretations for a variety of industries. Here, we discuss how our services can help you reach French-speaking markets.  

French Varieties

The French language has two distinct varieties: European and Canadian. European French is primarily spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of Switzerland while Canadian French is primarily spoken in the province of Quebec. Although the two varieties share many similarities, accents, grammar and vocabulary can differ in many ways. Generally speaking, Canadian French is more influenced by English which has changed some of its structure and word choice.

Because French and Canadian French can differ greatly, one translation will not do. Instead, content must be localized to reach people in different French-speaking markets. At Akorbi, we make sure to work with native French speakers in different parts of the world to provide accurate, localized translations and interpretations.

Multilingual Contact Centers

Over the phone interpretation is increasingly important for highly-regulated industries that need customer support. At AkoTranslation & Interpretation – French Language | Akrobi rbi, we provide affordable over the phone interpretation services through our multilingual contact centers. We have locations across the US, Latin America, and Asia and support over 170 languages. This gives any customer the ability to pick up the phone and receive support from a native speaker. If you are looking for over the interpretation for French, we are here to help.

Translation and Interpretation for French

French-speaking countries like France, Belgium, and Canada are major players in global economics and politics, which means French translations are in high demand. To provide the most accurate and dependable translations and interpretations, Akorbi partners with native speakers who are subject matter experts in different fields.

This allows us to translate documentation for highly-technical industries, such as insurance, manufacturing, engineering, medicine, and law. For inter-personal business interactions, we also provide interpretation services in person, over the phone, or via video. With the help of our translation team, you ensure that your company has a foothold in French-speaking markets.

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If you are looking for translation and interpretation services for French, look no further than Akorbi. Priding ourselves on accuracy, dependability, and professionalism, we work closely with our clients to ensure we meet the demands of their company and industry. To learn more, contact us today.


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