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Translation Agency Explains Translator Training

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A Translation Agency Explains How to Become a Translator


How does someone become a translator? It takes more than just an ear for different languages. A lot goes into becoming an effective translator, whether working as an individual or for a translation agency. As a leading interpretation and translation agency that serves clients worldwide, Akorbi can give you a little bit of insight into the work and dedication that goes into becoming a translator. If you’re looking for a translation agency to help you, take a look at our different translation services.

Getting Certified

The first big step in becoming a truly effective translator is getting the right certification. While in some cases this isn’t necessarily essential, it does make a significant difference. There are a number of organizations in the US that offer specific certifications for translators, whether looking to work for a translation agency or as an interpreter.

A great example is the American Translators Association, although there are plenty more out there. Getting certified is a great way to get a headstart if you’re just beginning your career as a translator or interpreter.

On top of getting actual certification, you can also find proficiency tests designed to demonstrate your skill as a translator. This a great way of demonstrating to a translation agency or other potential employers that you have the kind of skill level they’re looking for.

Getting Experience

Qualifications and certification, while a major boost, are rarely enough on their own. Getting real experience is what makes all the difference. Unfortunately, as with any industry, it can be challenging to get the kind of experience agencies and employers are looking for at first.

The tests and courses we mentioned above can offer an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door, but you’ll also need to think of how to gain some real experience. Internships are often a great first step, and if you’re a college or university student you’re likely to find opportunities on-campus.

Internships don’t just offer experience — they can also offer the opportunity to meet people and make contacts in the industry. Knowing the right people can open a lot more doors than qualifications, and even experience alone.

Getting Better

As with any other career, complacency is the quickest way to miss out on better opportunities. This is especially true with language skills. Not only is language and communication constantly evolving across cultures, but the less you use a learned skill, the rustier you’ll get over time. Regularly testing and challenging yourself is an essential part of being a good translator or interpreter.

Need a Professional Translation Agency?

If you need help with localization for a website, or you’re looking for transcription services from one language to another, contact Akorbi today. We offer these services and more and will work closely with you to find the best solution for your business. In the meantime, check back in on the Akorbi blog for more information and news about interpreter services.

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