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Transcription Services You Might Not Have Thought Of

Student Transcribing Notes From Audio

Viable Transcription Services You Might Not Have Thought Of

Transcription services help your business model in several ways. Accurate transcriptions are vital to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications when it comes to phone calls and meeting notes. Transcriptions produce accurate text that helps with all aspects of your business, from research and development to onboarding employees. Other kinds of transcriptions could help take your business further and add value to your products and services. Today, the pros from Akorbi’s transcription services explain a few transcription services you might not have thought of that can elevate your business.

YouTube Videos

YouTube removed annotations from its videos in January 2019. However, transcribing YouTube videos still has value in terms of transcription services. Posting a video in several written languages lets your content to be more accessible to a wider audience. You can add the transcript of the video as a document in the video’s description for people to access it. Sharing transcribed videos on social media increases your outreach to your followers, especially if you make videos for public use.

Video Conferences

Video conferences offer a way to host productive meetings with many people at once. Video conferencing is a great way to have virtual meetings with teams across the globe. Transcription services for video conferencing allow you to keep notes and memos from everyone who spoke and attended. Transcribing every word, combined with correct translations, creates accurate notes for future referral. Accurate notes lead to better overall collaboration among the teams.

Professional Lectures and Events

Transcription services of professional lectures and events sponsored by your company offer great opportunities for public relations. Rather than watching several minutes of video or listening to an entire podcast, employees or customers discover information quickly through a text search. Transcripts of the lecture also create captions for people to follow along in the video or audio while reading in their native language.

Why These Types of Transcription Services Are Important

These transcription services are important for various reasons. Transcribing gets your name out to many organizations, educational institutions, companies, and influencers.  Every video increases your professional contacts and industry expertise. Any one of these contacts can lead to future business opportunities.

Contact Akorbi for Transcription Services

If you need transcription services for your business, Akorbi delivers. For more information on what we offer, talk to us toll-free at 1-877-425-6724 or contact us online today.

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