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Transcription Services for Difficult Audio

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Transcription services are notoriously difficult because of the time and effort involved for accuracy. But they’re especially tricky when you don’t have high-quality audio. Any professional who has experience with transcription has had to deal with difficult audio recordings at some point. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make transcribing difficult audio easier. It starts with knowing what you are up against. In today’s blog post, Akorbi explains how transcription services can help with more difficult audio files. 

Why Is the Audio Difficult?

Several things might contribute to a difficult audio recording. For starters, background noise can interfere with your recording device and even make it difficult for your transcription equipment to get the speakers’ voices. You might also deal with a volume problem due to the subject speaking too far away from the recording device. Sometimes the recording device simply isn’t of good quality. These factors can all contribute to low-quality audio recordings. 

What Can You Do to Improve the Transcription?

The best way to ensure high-quality transcription is to take preventive measures to make sure you’re recording with a reliable device in a good environment. If you have low-quality audio in hand, that means you’re already past the recording stage. You can’t rewind time and fix any problems that happened when the recording took place. The right computer software can improve a difficult audio recording, at least to the point where you can understand the dialogue. Computer programs can eliminate some of the background noise or simply turn up the volume if it’s too quiet. However, even the best software may not be able to fix low-quality audio files. 

Transcription Services for Difficult Audio

Professional transcription services like Akorbi represent the easiest and most reliable way to transcribe rough audio files. With all the right equipment at their disposal, professional transcription professionals comb through your audio and transcribe it accurately and efficiently. Akorbi transcribes your content without the hassle and wasted time on your end, even if the audio quality isn’t good. 

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