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The Role of a Translation Project Manager

Translation project manager with team

What Does a Translation Project Manager Do for a Team?

Project management is big business for many reasons. A professional project manager can help streamline and focus a project, meaning better efficiency and better results. A translation project manager provides the same professional services but some added skills and proficiency. What is a translation project manager? Akorbi can explain. We offer translation and interpretation services worldwide, and we’re going to break down the role of this specific type of project management professional.

The Overall Role of the Project Manager

Just like any other project manager, the one you hire for a translation project will oversee the general operation and effectiveness of a team. It’s the project manager’s job to make sure a project is not only completed, but completed on time, within an assigned budget, and with an efficiency and a results-oriented mindset. In hiring a project manager, the pressure is taken off you, as you know whatever team you’ve assigned a particular project is under professional, dedicated guidance.

Acting as the Go-Between

A project manager will also handle a lot of the communication. Projects involving translating or properly localizing content or documentation can often involve a lot of back-and-forth between team members, clients, and many other parties. Without a dedicated project manager who has previous experience, this can very often, and very quickly, become chaotic.

Communication within a team can easily breakdown without the focus of a project manager, so it’s part of their job to facilitate communication. This means communication between team members, clients, and you. Employing a translation project manager as a single point of contact cuts down drastically on miscommunication, and is a much more effective way to maintain accuracy.

Managing Differences

Accuracy is a major challenge when it comes to translation. With a team under in-house or ad-hoc management, it’s easy to inaccurately translate or misinterpret language. Without a project manager, these misunderstandings can perpetuate throughout the work until it’s too late to catch the many recurrences of the mistake, and fixing the many accumulated mistakes in translated content becomes a project in itself. An experienced project manager can eliminate discrepancies and cut down on mistakes, greatly reducing the overall timeline of the project.

Timelines, Budgets and Important Processes

A project manager will specifically be aiming to complete a project on, or ahead of time. They’ll also be working to keep the project under budget while adhering to specific guidelines you have given them. Hiring a project manager for translating or localizing is one of the best ways to guarantee the best results.

Contact Akorbi About Translation Services

Whether you’re looking for project management specific to translation, staffing solutions or resources for multilingual contact centers, contact Akorbi today. We strive to be a reliable and trusted partner for companies seeking to improve their global presence through real innovation, language and, above all else — people. Talk to our team and experience the benefits of a truly global partner.

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