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The Importance of Localization for Websites

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Why Proper Localization of Your Website Matters for Your Business

Unfortunately, even in today’s globally connected society, many businesses don’t put much thought into proper website localization. With plenty of free translation apps and sites available, surely users who speak another language can just run your text through an online translator and get the idea, right? Maybe. They may also get mostly gibberish, depending on what they’re translating and what they’re using to do it. And even if they do get the idea, they’re not exactly getting personal service.

Good localization is a lot more than just giving a non-native speaker the basic idea of what you do. In this blog, the localization experts at Akorbi break down the essentials of website localization, and why it’s so important to do it well.

Cultural Context

It’s been mentioned in previous blog entries from Akorbi, but it cannot be overstated how important understanding cultural context is. Different words and phrases can have vastly different meanings from one country to another, and misusing an idiom can end up confusing or even offending potential clients.

A properly and professionally localized website isn’t just words, it’s the meaning behind them. Anyone can copy and paste the text content from their site into an online translation engine and paste the results, but you’re likely to get some odd phrasing — if not outright nonsense. To localize content, you need to know not just what your site’s content says, but how it says it.

Doing It Right Gives You More Authority

With effective localization, your website will read like it was created by a native speaker. The reason this matters is because it gives an impression of authority and knowledge to your clients, users or customers.

If the site is properly localized, your users will get the same clear details that you typed in your own first language, with the same confident, knowledgeable tone that lets them know they can trust you. This impression of authority is subtle, and more than just words — but having those words properly interpreted is a big contributing factor.

It’s Good For Your SEO

On a more technical level, properly localizing your site’s content is also good for your SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is mainly focused on the text-based content of your site. The better written the site is, along with how effectively keywords are used and some technical know-how, the higher up your site will be in related online searches. Having your content translated professionally adds to the overall effectiveness, making your site more visible and accessible to more users.

You’re Much More Likely to Engage Your Audience

On a more simple note, good localization is more likely to engage the reader. It’s easy to tell when you’re reading something that’s been poorly translated. Seamless translation from one language to another, retaining the quality and authority of the content, will make your users —  whoever they are — much more comfortable about engaging with you.

Let Us Handle Your Localization

If you need your website or content localized, Akorbi is here to help. As a leading translation and interpretation service provider, we have a broad, detailed understanding of why translating and properly localizing content is vital. We can also help with multilingual staffing for call centers, and customize our services to fit your needs. Contact us about localization services today.

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