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The Importance of Interpretation Services in the Medical Field

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Akorbi Delivers Interpretation Services for the Medical Field


When a patient is critically ill, every detail matters. When the patient doesn’t speak the same language as your medical staff, the details matter even more. Akorbi offers a complete spectrum of translation and interpretation services. From immediate interpreter service over the phone, to in-person interpreter service scheduled in advance, Akorbi helps your medical staff communicate in more than 150 languages. We are ready when you need us.

Patient Centered Healthcare in a Multilingual World

Akorbi’s certified interpreters are selected with industry specific qualifications for medical service provision. Our staff provide culturally informed and empathetic service, as cultural liaisons as well as linguistic professionals.

The provision of qualified, culturally competent interpretation services can resolve obstacles to care, improve outcomes and reduce expenses. Patient comfort and compliance is greatly improved with multilingual medical service. Diagnosis and treatment are improved when patients are better able to report symptomatology. Patients feel empowered when they fully understand the course of treatment, improving the quality of informed consent and ethical care.

Advanced Interpretation Solutions for the Medical Field

With ADAPT powered by Akorbi, your entire database of multilingual content is available in a simple platform that syncs seamlessly with your existing network. ADAPT is compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, and iOS operating system software.

Akorbi offers rapid completion of transcription tasks, so when a world renowned medical specialist is consulting on a difficult case, all relevant documents will be available and multilingual. End-to-end encrypted data and video services are available, so your translated material is kept private for HIPAA compliant communication.

If your organization has an existing, single-language website, Akorbi website localization services will translate every instance of text on your primary website into a second, nearly identical website in your chosen language. When you add new content to your primary language website, Akorbi automatically discovers and translates the new material to your multilingual websites.

A Wide Range of Multilingual Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

Akorbi offers multilingual translation and interpretation services for any communication need that might arise in your medical enterprise. Many varied services are available, read on to discover everything Akorbi has to offer.

In-person Interpretation services can be scheduled on short notice or months in advance. Specify the date, time, location, and languages to be interpreted, and your interpreter will be there for you, as scheduled. Akorbi integrates with your Outlook and Apple calendars, for easy management of services.

Telephone Interpretation services are available in more than 150 languages, within minutes of your call, accessible with cell phones as well as landline phones.

Video Interpretation service is available for live as well as recorded content. End to end encryption is available, for secure communication. Live video interpretation services are compatible with Polycom, Tandberg and Cisco video conferencing devices, as well as Android and iOS cellular devices.

Document and Digital Translation services employ industry specific translators with technical knowledge of the material, so even the complicated and nuanced language of the medical field is translated clearly and accurately. Enhanced Machine Translation service provides fast and inexpensive translations using technical terminology that is specific to your organization and industry. Text message and email translation services simplify your work at home and abroad, so your organization’s representatives are able to get business done in any language.


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