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The Current Importance of Bilateral Interpretation

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Bilateral interpretation occurs between people who speak two different languages. An interpreter who speaks both languages listens to one party speak and then translates the message into the other speaker’s native language. 

In this blog post, Akorbi explains the process and purpose of bilateral interpretation and why the service is currently in high demand. 

History of Bilateral Interpretation

As long as there has been more than one spoken language there has been a need for bilateral interpretation. Someone has to provide a connection between two people who need to exchange ideas, services, goods, or conversations.

There are two main types of interpretation, consecutive and simultaneous. With consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens to one speaker say their part, and when the speaker pauses, the message is translated. This can take longer but often provides clearer communication. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates the message as the speaker is speaking it.

When is Bilateral Interpretation Used?

Bilateral interpretation is best used in smaller settings between two people, or two small groups of people who are trying to communicate back and forth. Often this type of interpretation is used during business meetings, negotiations, or transactions where questions and answers need to be exchanged quickly. Bilateral interpretation can help these meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

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Why is it Important Today?

In today’s interconnected world, we are constantly interacting with those across the globe. When making these connections it is important to be able to communicate clearly with one another. As a lot of exchanges are done online it is necessary to partner with a company that has experience mediating online interactions so that they run smoothly and professionally, and meet the needs of all parties involved.

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Akorbi Offers Language Services

Akorbi can assist with any language services, including bilateral interpretation. We specialize in building compassionate human connections through language, technology, and workforce solutions. Our worldwide contact centers provide multilingual support, bilingual agents, competitive rates, and exceptional quality. If you need translation or interpretation services, contact Akorbi today or call (214) 256-9222.

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