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The language services industry is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the increasing availability and adoption of new technologies. However, one of the main drawbacks in this new technological landscape is the lack of interoperability between different platforms. Thankfully, there are ways to bridge the gap between different platforms through low code. 


Integrating business systems can offer numerous benefits to businesses, both large and small. By connecting different parts of your business, you are able to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs. This can lead to improved customer experience, better communication between departments, and more accurate data management. When systems are integrated, employees can access the most up-to-date information quickly and easily, improving efficiency and reducing time-consuming manual processes.

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RMP, Akorbi’s low-code platform, is designed to make  integration easier. It contains over 2,400 pre-built connectors that enable enterprises to connect various systems with less effort. For instance, RMP offers connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft, Translation Management Systems, Content Management Systems and other systems popular within the language services industry. It also supports connectivity to enterprise application programming interfaces (APIs) and other cloud-based services. This makes it easy for businesses to securely integrate various applications and systems, reducing the amount of manual effort needed for the process. 


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single source of truth

Integrating systems helps create a single source of truth in data by consolidating information from multiple sources into one central location. This allows for more accurate and efficient data analysis, improved forecasting capabilities and better business decision making. By providing a single source of truth in data, organizations can benefit from more accurate and up-to-date information that can be used to drive better decisions and strategic planning

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simplified decision making

When all systems within an organization are integrated and using the same data, decision making is far simpler. This setup allows for unified access to information, meaning all stakeholders can access the same information when making decisions. It eliminates confusion, as there is no need to compare data from multiple sources, and instead, the same source can be used consistently. This also enables data to be accessible in real-time and allows for faster decision-making.

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increased productivity

Integrating your systems and software can be a powerful way to increase productivity. With integration, data does not need to be manually entered into each system and verified for accuracy, which saves time and effort. In addition, it eliminates the need to jump from application to application, reducing the time spent on tedious tasks. Ultimately, integration can help streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

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performance insights

By having a single source of truth that is always up-to-date, you can gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This can help inform decisions around hiring, training, performance management and much more. Additionally, when you have a comprehensive view of your employees’ data, it can be easier to identify trends and areas of improvement, helping you to optimize the productivity and performance of your staff.

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interdepartmental collaboration

No matter where you are in the world, you can now reach out and partner with companies and individuals in other countries without worrying about a language barrier. Emails, conversations, contracts, and more can be quickly translated for mutual understanding.  

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avoid costly i.t. expenses

Integrating your systems can bring multiple departments of an organization together and increase collaboration across the board. By using a single, unified platform to access data, departments can more easily share information and collaborate on projects. This can lead to improved efficiency in completing tasks, better communication between departments, and a better overall work experience for everyone.

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