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Recruitment Process

Akorbi is ISO 9001 certified and follows a proven methodology, as well as, quality and compliance measures that you can count on.

  • At Akorbi, you’ll have a dedicated delivery manager and team of recruiters who are specialized in your industry and can identify the right candidates for you.
  • All candidates are carefully screened over the phone or face-to-face to ensure they are technically and professionally qualified.
  • We conduct reference checks prior to presenting candidates to clients.
  • Resumes are submitted to clients only if candidates pass Akorbi’s rigorous screening process.
  • If the client approves, our recruiter coordinates a face-to-face or phone interview with the candidate.
  • Before and after the interview, the Akorbi recruiter will speak with the candidate to answer his or her questions.
  • If red flags appear, our recruiter will halt the process and discuss them with the client.
  • After the interview, the Akorbi recruiter will contact the candidate to review.
  • The recruiter will provide the candidate’s feedback to the client.
  • When the client decides to hire the candidate, Akorbi will proceed with the onboarding process, which includes background checks, drug screening and other details requested by the client.

A World of Service Surrounds Every Client

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Service Level Agreements

We understand what it takes to meet the stringent requirements of service level agreements, including:

  • Having an experienced team of recruiters who are based in the U.S. and have a minimum of 10 years’ experience
  • Building dedicated teams around clients that consist of a Delivery Manager, recruiters and a Recruiting Coordinator
  • Building strong lines of communication with clients and constantly asking for feedback on areas of improvement
  • Becoming subject-matter experts by assigning teams to individual clients
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