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Staffing Solutions and Language Skill Assessments

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Important Steps in Staffing Solutions: Language Skill Assessments

Reliable multilingual staffing solutions can be hard to find, and choosing the right staffing solutions provider with the right skills takes time. At Akorbi, we value the professional confidence of our clients.  We want our clients to be certain that the excellent staff we provide will possess the education, skills, and experience to really help you succeed. Proper education and assessment of language and translation skills are what make a multilingual employee a vital member of the team at Akorbi. In this blog entry, we are going to explain how and why assessments matter.

Not Every Multilingual Speaker Can Interpret or Translate

One of the most important considerations, when you’re seeking staffing solutions for translation is finding someone truly qualified. Not every multilingual speaker is necessarily going to be an effective translator or interpreter. Translation and interpretation is more than just substituting one word for another, it requires a real understanding of meaning and context.

This means understanding specific dialects, colloquialisms, slang, and context, which we’ve talked about in previous Akorbi blogs. Translators or interpreters who go through skills assessments have proven their abilities with clear, quantifiable metrics.

Skill Assessments Demonstrate Versatility

Skill assessments are also a way to demonstrate versatility in abilities. When you’re looking for staffing solutions for translation, interpretations, or any other multilingual staffing needs, you want to be sure that staff is adaptable. This is especially true if you’re operating with other organizations, teams, or customers in other countries.

Multilingual staff will need to be able to fluidly switch between languages without losing the core messages that need to be communicated. Part of skill assessment is being able to demonstrate general knowledge, the right grammar and vocabulary skills, specific terminology and more.

Who Gets Their Skills Assessed?

Anyone who translates or interprets professionally can benefit from regular skills assessments. This is part of continually developing and honing translation and language skills, which is one of the key ingredients to being an effective translator. Translators or interpreters working in specialized fields, such as the medical industry, should especially focus on skill assessments. Industries like medical, tech, or education are always changing, sometimes rapidly, so ongoing development is vital.

Staffing Solutions with Akorbi

If you’re looking the best in multilingual staffing solutions, talk to one of the experts at Akorbi. We understand that you are not just looking for employees, but valuable team members to add something to your organization. You can rely on Akorbi for technical, professional and high volume staffing services in the US and throughout the world.

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