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Should You Use Online Transcription Services?

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Transcription services are essential for many businesses and provide a variety of benefits. For meetings, transcription offers a valuable tool that allows you to provide transcripts without having to record and transcribe notes by hand. For example, transcription is valuable for clients in the legal field who have hearing problems or deafness. One seemingly easy solution is to use an online transcription service. But is this plan actually a good idea? In today’s blog, Akorbi discusses whether or not you should use online transcription tools. 

What Are Online Transcription Services?


A wide range of online transcription tools create transcripts for meetings, phone calls, and videos. These services charge per word and require users to upload an audio file for transcription. Online transcribing products or services vary in price and quality. The greatest benefit is convenience, but accuracy and price are serious question marks surrounding these services. 

How Are They Different From Other Transcription Options?


The most significant difference between online transcription services and other options is that these online transcriptions occur remotely. You probably won’t work directly with a translator or a transcriber. Instead, you simply upload your file and allow the system to work. Transcription services at professional language companies are more accurate because you deal directly with a professional translator and transcriber. There’s no guesswork about the person’s credentials. You never know what you’re going to get with online transcription services. Many of the cheaper online options may seem convenient, but they will return the least accurate results. 

Should You Use Online Transcription?


There are contexts where online transcription services are valuable. Online transcription is a cheap way to transcribe notes or projects for students without the added cost. Accuracy is less important for students taking a class. For professional settings, accuracy remains a top priority. Inaccurate translations can lead to miscommunications and frustrated clients. It makes the most sense to utilize professional transcription services in the workplace when your company’s livelihood is on the line. 

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