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Rising Demand for Multilingual Professionals in Global Staffing Solutions

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It’s now easier than ever to contact someone on the other side of the world instantaneously. It’s also easier to come up against a language barrier if you’re unprepared. Akorbi provides staffing solutions for clients in the US and around the world looking for professional, multilingual staff who can offer translation and interpretation skills, along with bringing these skills to technological services, software and digital design. Because of this extensive range, we have a unique insight into the demand for multilingual staffing solutions in an increasingly connected world. Here, we’ll explore how and why this matters throughout a range of industries.

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Translation is Becoming More of a Necessity Across Industries

As the world becomes more connected, the need for multilingual staffing solutions grows bigger. Medical, legal and technological industries are more globally-focused than ever, and having multilingual staff who can communicate quickly and effectively is a must for keeping up. This includes both machine translation technology for fast-turnaround translation, and human staffing solutions for more complex interpretation.

Different Technology Means Different Needs

Technology has its own unique influence on the translation and interpretation industry. Streaming video services and online sources are at the fingertips of users all over the world, in a seemingly endless array of different languages and local dialects. How many of us have turned on the closed captioning on a streaming video without a second thought for how it’s translated and subtitled? Voice-overs, captions, subtitles, and dubbing are all done through a mix of human and machine translation. The more demand there is, the more opportunity there is for translation services to advance even further. Tech-focused, digitally aware interpretation services are vital in providing this.

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Online Services Opening Up Translation Requirements

This technological advancement isn’t limited to video streaming, either. Apps and app integration make both the need for and interest in translation bigger than ever. The ability to learn a new language is that much easier by having access to a variety of learning apps, and those apps themselves present a need for multilingual staffing solutions and development. This is not to mention the variety of communication apps breaking down worldwide language barriers.

This goes beyond just translation and interpretation. When you’re developing websites, online portals, social media profiles and general presence, you want to be sure that you can translate accurately from the ground up. This involves application development, graphical user interface design, database building, network administration and much more. Fortunately, Akorbi can help.

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Ask Us About Multilingual Staffing Solutions

Are you looking for staffing solutions that you know you can trust? Talk to the professional, experienced team at Akorbi. We have served clients the world over to assist in finding the best in translation and interpretation professionals, whatever they are needed for. We can provide translation experts who can offer software and hardware services, from engineers and testers, to support technicians. This means that you’ll get a fully compliant and globally-focused digital platform with ongoing support. For staffing, learning services, multilingual contact centers and much more, take a look at our website to see what we can offer your organization.

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