How an Outbound Telemarketing (OBTM) Campaign Increased Sales Per Hour by 300% in 2 Months

SummaryProgram Overview


The Client

A leading provider in the global fresh food and meal kit industry.

Services Needed

Outbound telemarketing (OBTM) to re-engage previous customers.

Client Overview

Our client is a leading provider of fresh food meal kits in the US. With a tiered pricing model, they deliver the raw materials needed to prepare home-cooked meals with no planning or hassle to their subscriber every week. Their meals include everything the subscribers need to prepare carefully planned meals with locally sourced ingredients. By utilizing data-driven technologies they have positioned themselves to effectively and efficiently distribute food while completely revolutionizing the fresh food meal kit industry. By leveraging weekly touch points, our client is able to optimize their customer experience and their return on investment (ROI).


Akorbi BPO’s primary objective was to provide a customized and comprehensive business solution which would significantly improve the client’s overall sales performance, provide exceptional customer service and manage their customer support needs, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and an improved return on investment (R.O.I.) to our client. This case study provides a high-level outline of our current program performance results and our value proposition to our client.

Client’s Previous Solution

In the past, our client had outsourced to several international vendors in San Salvador, Belize, the UK, and Croatia. After 2.5 years, the incumbent providers were averaging a .55 to .65 sales per hour (SPH), far below the desired target of 1 SPH.

The Scenario

Akorbi BPO launched a 25 agent OBTM “pilot” for the client. We provided the required secure infrastructure, human resources, recruiting, technology and a proven, highly competent operational management team.

Program Overview

After launching in our Dominican Republic site, the client agreed to a twenty five agent, 90-day pilot program with Akorbi. The success of the pilot program was based on achieving a sales per hour (SPH) of 1.0 or better. If Akorbi achieved this sales objective, the program would then move on to a full “production” program. The pilot was launched in November and the SPH immediately began to improve. By December, Akorbi was the number one BPO vendor in all categories for our client.

The Results

Right away, Akorbi was able to produce an average SPH of .75. Within 2 weeks of the program launch the SPH climbed to .97. After the first complete month of production, Akorbi BPO achieved a SPH of 1.52. This performance set an all-time record for our client and exceeded the incumbent performance by over 100%, completely exceeding our client’s expectations. By January, our performance reached 1.92 SPH. The resulting ROI has made this program extremely profitable for our client and given them peace of mind that they have a partner they can trust to help them expand their business.

Akorbi was able to achieve this amazing level of success by leveraging our experienced operations management team and proactively working with our client to clearly understand their program goals, needs and requirements. We then developed a strategic recruitment and training program that matched the objectives of the program. In addition, we worked to align the program KPIs with a creative sales commission program which ensures that our agents and management team members are motivated to produce at a high-level, making this program extremely successful.

Akorbi BPO has over 4 years of experience operating in the Dominican Republic with a very experienced and knowledgeable management team. This team understands the US consumer and business market and our agents assimilate well to US program requirements. Akorbi has a proven methodology to perform at an extremely high-level and this is reflected in our client’s approval to expand this program to over 100 agents within the next 90 days (this decision came just 50 days into the initial 90-day pilot).

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Akorbi BPO is a US-based company with contact centers in the US, LATAM and Africa. We provide enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy. We help organizations connect with employees, vendors and customers in over 170 languages 24×7, through any modality, from any location. We support companies in a wide range of industries, including; customer service, sales, retention programs, telecommunications, third party verification, (TPV), customer billing, business to business sales, technical and multilingual support. Through our PCI and HIPAA compliant contact centers, we provide an array of customizable solutions with language support in English, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Portuguese, German, Italian and many other European, Asian and African languages.

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Akorbi brings a wealth of experience in providing our clients with “end-to-end” integrated business solutions. As our client, you have direct access to a management team with over 45 years of combined experience in the contact center industry. Our call blending technology allows our clients to seamlessly alternate between inbound, outbound and chat activities. This maximizes call/chat efficiency by taking advantage of the gaps of idle time during inbound calls/chat to place outbound sales calls when, and if, needed.

Additionally, we have access to outstanding candidates whom we develop to deliver world-class service from St. Vincent and Santiago, Cape Verde; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Dakar, Senegal; Pereira, Colombia; Gilbert, Arizona; Nairobi, Kenya; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and including key strategic partners around the globe.

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