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Qualities of an Excellent Translation Company

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At Akorbi, we know that quality translation and interpretation can take your company to the next level, allowing you to reach new customers and expand your market. Unfortunately, with so many translation companies out there, it can be difficult to find one that will help you reach your global business needs. To narrow your search, be sure to look for the following qualities in your translation company.

#1. Qualified Translators  

As your business expands into global markets, you must ensure that your content and voice is consistent across languages. While some translation companies will provide a simple word for word translations, not all will take the time to consider the cultural nuances of your industry and audience. A quality translation company should be made up of native speakers and linguistic experts. Additionally, they should hire subject matter experts specific for your industry to translate your content with complete accuracy. At Akorbi, we specialize in translation for a wide range of industries, including law, medicine, manufacturing, engineering, insurance, and more.

#2. Localization Services

Though your content may make perfect sense in your native language, it may not read the same across the globe. Phrases, idioms, puns, and humor should be changed to fit the local culture you are trying to target. A good translation company takes localization into account. Their translators should have an in-depth understanding of international cultures to ensure that your content is valid in a variety of markets.

#3. Personalized Service

A quality translation company always works with the human element in mind. They think of the needs and wants of your audience and business to deliver accurate, personalized translations. Additionally, they keep your project management plan in mind to deliver service on time and on budget.

#4. Writing Skills

A quality translator not only knows the meaning of words, but they also know how to present them in an intelligent way. This is why writing skills are one of the most important qualities to look for in a translation company. When you receive translations, they should not only be accurate, but they should be free of spelling and grammatical errors as well. At Akorbi, our translations go through a rigorous editing cycle, ensuring complete accuracy and the highest quality of writing.

Looking for a Translation Company?

At Akorbi, we work with you to meet your global business meets. Since 2003, we have provided high-quality interpretation, website localization, translation, consulting, and more. To learn how translation can help your organization, contact Akorbi today!

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