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Akorbi. Where language and technology blend seamlessly.

Akorbi brings a unique blend of technology and linguistic expertise to the table, offering solutions that elevate your international presence. Our approach ensures that your message is not only heard but also understood and appreciated worldwide.

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  • 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in their native language.
  • 87% of non-English speaking individuals avoid making purchases from English-only websites.
  • 56% of shoppers prioritize native language support over the price when making purchases.
  • 75% of shoppers are more likely to be return-shoppers if customer support is in their own language.

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The Akorbi Advantage


Technology-Driven Solutions

Akorbi leads the industry with our innovative language technology. Our offerings include ADAPT, a multimodal language portal that connects you to an interpreter in under 30 seconds, and RMP, our proprietary low-code platform for building custom language workflows.

Tailored Linguistic Services

We understand that a always a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work. Because of this, Akorbi provides custom solutions designed to fit your project's specific needs and scope. Whether you need full project management or specialized services like post-editing, our approach is adaptable and focused on you.

Uncompromised Data Security

Be at ease knowing that at Akorbi, safeguarding your data is our top priority. With our in-house security team and ISO 27701 certification, we uphold the highest security standards, ensuring your information is well-protected by our stringent data protection protocols.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

At Akorbi, quality is our top priority. We blend a meticulous quality assurance process with skilled translators and certified proofreaders to deliver exceptional results. Adapting our approach to each client, we ensure that your documents meet the highest standards, even within tight government timelines.

Expert-Led Specialization

We carefully source linguists with specific industry expertise, ensuring top-quality language solutions. Our professionals are native speakers in their respective languages, guaranteeing accuracy and precision in every project, whether it's in finance, legal, healthcare, education, or any other field.

Woman-Owned and Championing Diversity

Akorbi stands out as a woman-led company, under the guidance of our founder Claudia Mirza. We're not just about language services; we're deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment is a fundamental part of who we are, earning us recognition from notable groups like WBENC and NMSDC.

"Akorbi is not an ordinary vendor. Akorbi is an extension of our team”

-Lead Project Manager, iHerb

Streamlining Language Workflows with RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess presents a streamlined, user-friendly solution for language workflow challenges with its low-code, cloud-based platform. Consider a marketing team launching a multilingual product. Traditionally, coordinating between translators, content creators, and quality control is a cumbersome process. With RunMyProcess, these tasks are unified into one efficient workflow. Content creation triggers an automatic translation process, followed by quality checks, and then updates to content management systems.

With over 2,800 connectors, RunMyProcess automates such processes for smoother workflow management, speeding up the market launch and ensuring higher accuracy and consistency in multilingual campaigns, resulting in more effective communication and quicker project completion.

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ADAPT, Akorbi's Multimodal Language Portal

Akorbi's ADAPT is an all-inclusive multimodal portal designed to meet a wide range of language requirements. It provides a centralized hub where you can effortlessly submit, track, and manage translation requests, while also granting access to a vast network of skilled linguists. And, with just a simple click of a button, you can easily connect with an interpreter for phone, video, or in-person sessions. By leveraging ADAPT, your organization is equipped with the necessary language tools without the need for a dedicated in-house team to handle language needs.

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