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The Importance of Over the Phone Interpretation in Legal Settings

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Since 1994, the United States court system has utilized over-the-phone interpretation services for witnesses, defendants and plaintiffs across the country. This made it possible to offer equal opportunities for justice to every person that walks in the courtroom, no matter what their first language is. In today’s blog from Akorbi, we will take a look at an important application of over the phone interpretation service that makes a big difference in the lives of people every day.

Equal Opportunity for Justice

In courtrooms across the country, important legal decisions occur every day that change the lives of every person involved. From marriage licenses to probate hearings, from traffic tickets to murder trials, fair and equitable legal proceedings are critical to daily life in our society.

Even if a person does not speak English as their first language, they are still entitled to equal opportunities for justice in our court system. Whether that person is testifying as a witness to protect a loved one, entering an innocent plea to a criminal charge, or suing for damages in civil court, speakers of all languages deserve a fair hearing in the legal system. Access to qualified legal representation is the bedrock of civil society, and that is why over the phone interpretation can be so valuable.

Every Detail is Important

Whether in a court of law or in an attorney’s office, clear and accurate communication is absolutely critical. Many legal proceedings are decided by a very particular detail of spoken language, and even a small mistake in the tense of a verb can change a verdict.

It is not always possible to have an in-person interpreter on-site for every language spoken by every defendant in every courtroom in the nation. So, over the phone translation services are extremely important for ensuring that legal systems in countries all around the world are accurate, equitable and efficient. When it could mean the difference between guilt and innocence, excellent over the phone interpretation is absolutely necessary.

Translation is Important as Well

In addition to utilizing over the phone interpretation services, court systems and attorneys across the country also require high-quality translation services. From business contracts to signed affidavits, accurate and timely translation of legal documents is absolutely necessary for day-to-day operations at every level of the legal system. From municipal traffic court to the federal court of appeals, accurate translation is important.

When Accuracy and Efficiency Matter, Choose Akorbi

At Akorbi, we are proud of the excellent interpreters and translators on our staff, and we are proud of the important work they do for our customers every day. If you require accurate and efficient over the phone interpretation services, or multilingual services of any kind, reach out to the talented team at Akorbi. Contact us today and let us get to work for you.

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