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What Outbound Services Do Multilingual Contact Centers Provide?

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Outbound services for contact centers encompass a wide variety of support efforts, which make them an integral part of any business. From telemarketing efforts to verification services, your outbound support must be reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Incorporate another language into the mix and you can connect with more people than ever before.

What outbound services does a multilingual contact center provide? In today’s blog, we’ll explore these services and how adding multi-language support can exceed expectations.

Sales and Lead Generation

As your business grows, it’s vital to keep up with customer interest. A large role of any contact center is initiating and sustaining this interest through outbound contact efforts. Through a collective push of list building, emails, telemarketing, and targeted campaigns (to name just a few), contact center outbound services help you generate the leads you’re looking for and ‘close the deal’ on these sales.

Although you can already use industry, location, company size, job function and more to generate the specific leads you’re looking for, the advantages of a multilingual contact center help you reach your best buyers. Incorporating an additional language to your efforts creates a wider sales channel, through more targeted campaigns or by reaching a wider general audience.

Database Management

Developing a strategy for data management is an important step towards ensuring that the data collected is correct and used properly. When used in the right light, data can provide extremely valuable information for your business, so protecting it is critical.

With outbound contact service efforts, data management includes several proactive techniques to ensure your data is kept efficient, secure, and private. It also keeps data-driven applications performing at their best through monitoring and tuning, storage and capacity planning, backup and recovery, archiving, partitioning, replication and masking. By controlling data, from the moment it’s created to the moment it’s retired, we can increase efficiency and boost data integration to other outbound efforts.

Back Office Support and Services

Back office functions are not directly seen by the customers, yet they are essential for the productivity and flow of business. This support encompasses a variety of services not seen on the front lines, from managing payroll and accounting to administration support and HR. With back office support through your outbound contact center services, you can improve operational efficiency and reduce in-house costs.  

What Sets Akorbi Apart?

With Akorbi, your multilingual contact center does not just have one outbound objective, there are many. Sales and lead generation activate and secure customer interest and loyalty; database management maintains, stores and archives important information; and back office support increases operational efficiency.

For more information on outbound services provided through multilingual contact centers, visit the Akorbi website here. Or call today at 1-877-425-6724 to see how we can help you meet all your business objectives.

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