Our Mission

Building compassionate global connections.

Our Vision

To be the sustainable partner for companies seeking to increase their global or diverse market position through innovation, language, and people.

Our Values

We are compassionate.
We embrace excellence in all we do.
We operate with integrity.
We foster a fun, positive work environment.
We are innovative.

Our Story

Claudia Mirza launched Akorbi in 2003. Under her leadership, vision and tenacity, it evolved from a home-based business to a multi-million dollar company with over 930 employees. She led Akorbi’s evolution from a language translation company to a comprehensive provider of global language, technology and staffing services.


Our Leaders

Our leadership team is a select group of professionals with a proven record of achievement in their respective industries. We are proud to partner with brilliant, expert professionals who you can rely on to deliver out-of-the-box ideas


Giving Back

Akorbi was founded in 2003 to create stable jobs and incomes after the founder’s former employer went out of business.Today, Akorbi employs over 930 people, including mothers, veterans, seniors, among many others. Akorbi’s contributions to the community are not only jobs, but the company helps organizations that are focused on entrepreneurship, sick children and agricultural workers.


Why Akorbi?

Organizational Structure

  • Entrepreneurial business with balanced risk-taking to drive innovation for the organization.
  • Innovative culture focused on customer responsiveness and speed-to-market.

Business Processes

  • Internal talent focused on continuous process improvements based on sound, proven strategies both internally and externally for customers.

Operating Excellence

  • Proven proprietary technologies that reduce complexity, increase speed-to-market and reduce system-wide costs for the customer.
  • In-house technology development team.
  • In-house executive focused professional recruiters.
  • Highly trained and accurate in-house global translation team.
  • Multilingual leadership team handling major business requests where required.

Sector Strength

  • Recognized for healthcare vertical expertise.
  • Recognized for its public sector expertise in the defense industry.
  • Recognized as a valuable staffing vendor in some of the most important technology companies in the world.

Reputation Management

  • Strong reputation among major customers as demonstrated through repeat business and critical strategic relationships with Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Linguists: Excellent “place to work” for translators and known for its professionalism resulting in high retention rates.


  • Debt free and profitable, leading to a fiscally-strong business with high growth potential and access to capital for expansion.


  • High security processes in place for documents and information with critical privacy requirements.
  • PHI Compliant.
  • Medicare compliant.
  • State-of-the art high physical security.
  • Data Center and server security.


  • Women and Minority-owned Enterprise (MWBE)
  • ISO 9001, EN 15038 and ISO 13485 quality certifications
  • HUB

Governance and Security Operational Compliance Requirements

  • U.S. operations compliant with corporate and government buyer requirements.
  • Project Managers and Akorbi Senior Management located in the United States.