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Akorbi's Compliant
Language Solutions

Your trusted Language Service Partner for Healthcare

At Akorbi, we work with native speakers and industry experts to produce accurate, high-quality language solutions. We also train our linguists in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 508, ACA Section 1557, PCI, PHI, and HIPAA compliance to ensure your translated content and interpretation sessions abide by the latest federal regulations.

We work with international businesses and any companies that need help in a multilingual setting. Contact Akorbi’s Dallas-Fort Worth headquarters or call 1-877-4.AKORBI for more details.

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Akorbi’s Certified Interpreters:

  • Have a minimum of three years of professional interpretation experience, in addition to formal training.
  • Are rigorously screened through oral and written tests.
  • Attend an intensive induction program that includes Code of Ethics requirements and skills required to effectively work as a telephonic and video interpreter.
  • Undergo extensive training to fully understand the language requirements of medical settings.
  • Perform monthly Office of the Inspector General (OIG)/System Award Management (SAM)/State checks.
  • Must complete annual compliance training, which includes Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), cultural competency, network and information security standard operating procedures (SOP) and Akorbi’s Code of Ethics to refresh their basic skills and build their knowledge of the medical industry.
  • Work via video to receive training on the Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) system, as well as the specific requirements necessary to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate communication via video.
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Why Choose Akorbi as Your Language Service Partner?

  • Extensive experience in the healthcare industry.
  • Clear understanding of compliance regulations that impact the health system, including 1557 and CMS standards.
  • A language service model fully audited for CMS, HIPAA, and Fraud, Waste & Abuse metrics.
  • Medical terminology knowledge that allows a clear delivery of the message.
  • Expertise in working with Health Plans, Providers and Member engagement.
  • Customizable enterprise-level services to integrate cost savings, cost avoidance and cost reduction metrics.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified – certified staffing and translation company.
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified – certified to provide language translation and related services for the medical device industry.
  • EN 15038:2006 Certified – certification includes translation, interpretation, language and cultural training services, and information security, including statutory and regulatory requirements for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
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ADAPT powered by Akorbi

Access our linguists from any PC, Mac, or mobile device through our secure, compliant, proprietary technology delivery platform, ADAPT powered by Akorbi (link to ADAPT page).

ADAPT powered by Akorbi is a multimodal language services technology platform that allows clients to easily access interpretation services through phone, video or in-person scheduling, as well as document translation and localization services. The platform delivers all of this with unparalleled access to reporting and analytical data, which allows clients to track spending, savings and engagement data.

Access Professional Healthcare Linguists With ADAPT

  • Pre-schedule or on-demand availability.
    CMS Vetted Linguists for Healthcare.
  • Match your physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner with a linguist experienced in healthcare.
  • Improve patient experience by building trust with a culturally-trained linguist.
  • Member engagement support made easy with linguists who can be accessed via mobile devices, video, or scheduled for face-to-face appointments.
  • Member data analytics to drive and improve member experience and satisfaction.

ADAPT Benefits Specific to Medical and Healthcare Providers

  1. Converts the hours spent traveling to patients, to hours spent seeing patients.
  2. Increases scheduling and billing efficiency because patients can be seen through video and phone.
  3. Providers can serve more patients in a day, easing provider and availability shortages.
  4. Providers can easily consult and connect with specialty providers for their patients.
  5. Offers providers better community reach and exposure because of expanded services and availability.

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