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Multilingual Content Moderation Services

"In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find it only fitting to include an introductory note on the critical importance of ensuring your online content is accurately and responsibly translated and localized. Together, we can stop the dissemination of misinformation and minimize unnecessary harm to the general public. Let's all do our part. Thank you."
Akorbi CEO and Co-Founder Claudia P. Mirza
Claudia Mirza
CEO, Akorbi

What is multilingual content moderation?

Content moderation is more than just making sure your content follows legal and ethical standards. It’s also about moderating content written by your target audience. Our professionals examine what your users write, determine if it’s appropriate, and then take necessary steps to ensure your brand identity stays consistent.

Everyone can agree that hazardous, offensive, inappropriate, misinformed, and disturbing materials need to be removed from the internet. This includes helping to mitigate the spread of misinformation with news sources and social media. It is the job of content moderators and content review specialists to make sure that this is done.

Though AI content moderation is an option, it is vastly limited in what the algorithms can detect compared to a human moderator when contextual knowledge is involved. Software can flag certain keywords, for example, but may not know when a topic would be considered culturally insensitive when served to a specific region or group.

Professional content moderation is also referred to as brand protection service. Content could contain culturally insensitive material, misinformation, defamatory information, copyright infringement, and spam, among other things. While the internet has made it much easier to make connections and share information, a side effect of this is that content may be misunderstood or misinterpreted through cultural and language barriers.

Akorbi can connect you with expert content moderators who understand and specialize in cultural and linguistic nuances through their own personal backgrounds from different regions of the world, and are well-versed in many government, healthcare, and other legal regulations and compliance requirements.

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What We Do

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Social Media Content Moderation

Monitor and review social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. We review posts by users to ensure they are in line with your brand’s identity.
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Website Content Moderation

Review website content and translated website content to ensure accuracy and cultural competence.
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Content Curation and Creation

More for large corporations that need someone to create and curate content for social media channels and websites that stays up to their regulations.
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Video and Subtitle Moderation

Watch and review videos for offensive material, including subtitles where applicable.
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Industries we support:

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Partner with Akorbi

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Digital Content - And Its Impact

If content moderators are not native speakers of the language they are moderating or are from a different region where the language is spoken, the risk of misinterpretation of the content’s message increases.

Vera Richards
Vera Richards
Our Leaders

Vera Richards

Vice President of Translation
Vera’s 20 plus years localization experience spans various positions from translator, localization engineer, project manager, group manager and program director, with the past 10 years at Moravia IT.

Under Vera’s leadership, Akorbi's translation team is increasing agility, utilizing the latest technology and building up the supply chain to partner with clients to bring in solutions to make their products feel native in any international locale.
Ralph Bonaduce
Ralph Bonaduce
Our Leaders

Ralph Bonaduce

Director of BPO
His impressive 33-year career includes 14 years specifically in the BPO industry. During this time, Ralph has managed BPO operations for Fortune 500 clients in the financial, telecommunications, insurance and cable industries, as well as numerous other industry verticals. He’s supported a wide array of global companies, including Verizon Wireless, JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, Sears Financial Services and MCI – just to name a few.
Hamid Bangura
Hamid Bangura
Our Leaders

Hamid Bangura

Director of Staffing
Hamid brings over 15 years of staffing/work force relations experience from some of the largest staffing organizations in the industry. Hamid has extensive experience managing local and national delivery teams in a wide range of verticals that have ranged from engineering to IT. He has created an outstanding reputation as a leader that develops others to enter leadership roles in their organizations. Hamid has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Law and Economics from Eastern Illinois University.

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