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Global and Near-Shore Locations

Map of Akorbi locations

Akorbi’s state-of-the-art facilities provide:

  • Inbound, outbound, back-office, language, email and chat support.
  • Locations in the U.S., Latin America, Africa and Asia to best suit your business needs.
  • 1000+ seat capacity.
  • Access to exceptional Spanish-English bilingual speakers and the ability to support over 170 languages.
  • Agents who have outstanding experience servicing U.S. consumers and an excellent understanding of U.S. cultural norms and behavior.
  • Fully redundant data and communications infrastructure.
  • Completely integrated security system, access control and cameras.
  • Integrated UPS and on-site generator systems to ensure 100% uptime.

Akorbi’s Multilingual Contact Center Location Highlights:

St. Vincent, Cape Verde

  • Provides a variety of services, including accounting support, customer service, translations, telephonic andvideo remote interpretation, claims processing, project management for localization and much more.
  • Supports a variety of languages, including English, European Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Afrikaans, Zulu, Arabic, Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swahili, Hausa, Manding, Fulani, Yoruba & more.
  • Strategically located with only a 5 hr. time zone difference from U.S. Central Time.
  • Offers a politically supportive business climate with very flexible immigration laws, which allows us to recruit the best talent throughout Africa.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Provides a wide array of services, including customer service, level 1 and 2 technical help desk, marketing & sales support, database management, telephonic and video interpretation, call scheduling, recruiting, localization project management and more.
  • Supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and French
  • The English-speaking population is approximately 30%, and they have an excellent understanding of U.S. cultural norms and outstanding experience servicing U.S. consumers.
  • Minimal time zone difference (2 hrs. from CST) and short (2 hr., 10 minute) flight from Miami.

Cartago, Colombia

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  • Provides a variety of services, including telephonic and video remote interpretation, customer service, general business process outsourcing and more.
  • Offers a highly qualified workforce that is detail-oriented and more cost-effective than many Eastern countries.
  • Supports English and Spanish.
  • Key hub for Spanish customer service support for many North American companies.

Dakar, Senegal

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  • Staffed exclusively with college graduates and post graduates specialized in IT, Business, Finance & Accounting, Project Management & Marketing.
  • High English skill levels for both written and spoken interactions.
  • Primary language capabilities for French, English and several African and Western European languages.
  • An ideal business solution to provide: customer service, technical help desk. finance & accounting, interpretation, translation & project management support.

Gilbert, Arizona

  • Offers telephonic and video remote interpretation, technical help desk and customer service support.
  • Supports American Sign Language, as well as a variety of languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Somali and many more.
  • Provides in-country language compliance support.
  • Ability to support large scale English and Spanish bilingual campaigns with experienced customer service agents.