Low-Code Innovation for Language Services

Translation and localization workflows can be complex, especially when synchronizing content across multiple systems, performing quality assurance checks, or managing multiple projects simultaneously. Each added layer of complexity increases the risk of project launch delays. To tackle this challenge, Akorbi offers RunMyProcess, a low-code platform that automates and streamlines translation and localization processes. With custom automated workflow building and integrations with various systems, you can simplify and optimize your operations with ease.

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Why automate your language workflows with Akorbi's RunMyProcess?

  • 2,800+ pre-built connectors for integrating systems
  • 56% faster than building workflows with traditional coding
  • 90% of mistakes are caused by human error
  • 40% average cost-savings when deploying custom automations

Connect your Systems to Streamline Operations

Akorbi's RunMyProcess enables the direct integration between disparate systems, helping streamline translation and localization projects that require platform synchronization. Whether you're working with content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, or specialized translation management systems (TMS), RunMyProcess facilitates effortless data exchange, saving time and effort in the process.

Benefits of Integrating Systems

Enhanced Efficiency

By integrating systems, you'll see a significant reduction in the time required to manage workflows, freeing up your team to focus on what they do best.

Data Consistency

Eliminate discrepancies and ensure uniformity of information across platforms, leading to improved data reliability and decision-making.

Streamlined Communication

Seamless system integration curtails the need to juggle between different platforms, fostering better communication and collaboration among team members.


Minimize resource allocation for manual tasks and reduce the likelihood of costly errors, thereby achieving cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Custom, Automated Workflows Built to Meet your Requirements

RunMyProcess' low-code, drag-and-drop feature puts the power of workflow automation directly into your hands, allowing you to tailor processes that perfectly fit your unique needs without requiring specialized coding knowledge. Each project presents a distinctive set of challenges, and our user-friendly interface empowers you to create tailor-made automations that align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Examples of Custom Automation for Language Services Workflows:

Automated Translation Requests

Picture a system where incoming content is automatically detected and submitted for translation. Once your content management system (CMS) receives new material, a translation request is triggered and sent to your chosen linguist. This not only quickens the pace of getting fresh content out but also helps maintain consistency of service, regardless of content volume or timing.

Centralized Feedback Loop

In translation, accuracy is king. With an integrated feedback mechanism, translators can receive instant comments or requested revisions directly within the workflow. This functionality ensures a transparent and efficient editing process, leading to high-quality content and a streamlined means for continuous improvement.

Real-Time Project Tracking

For project managers, staying informed about the progress of multiple projects is paramount. Integrating TMS with RunMyProcess allows for automatic updates on translation status, giving an up-to-the-minute view of where each piece stands. This facilitates better resource planning and swift responses to any delays.

Custom Dashboards for In-Depth Analytics

Akorbi's RunMyProcess offers a comprehensive view of translation and localization efforts by streamlining data from various sources into one accessible location. With our advanced connectors and integration capabilities, you can create customized dashboards for viewing valuable insights into project workflows, efficiency, and quality assurance metrics. This improves trend identification and decision-making while simplifying translation process management.


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If the connector you're searching for isn't listed, don't worry. Our extensive selection includes more than 2,800 pre-built connectors, beyond what you see here. We also specialize in crafting custom connectors tailored to your specifications. Reach out today to learn more.

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