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How Establishing Localization for Your Business Can Impact Buying Trends

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The internet is increasingly a global space, with billions of users operating online in every language in the world. For this reason, modern business demands a multilingual online presence, and that requires skilled localization services to increase brand awareness and boost sales on a global level.

In order for a business to truly succeed on the world stage, multilingual resources must be acquired and utilized. Read on in today’s blog from Akorbi to learn why localization is important for modern businesses and their customers.

Localization is Not Simply Translation

Translation is only one aspect of localization. Localization also includes graphics, design, color selection, pricing, and customer conversion, across many mediums of communication. It also addresses regulations and legal requirements in local governments and cultures throughout the world.

The overarching goal of localization is to link global business to local culture by adapting content to the natural way of that region. With sensitivity to an area’s intricate language and culture, content is presented in a way that audiences can understand and trust, leading to increased business traffic and sales.

Localization Impacts Buying Trends

Following the simple logic of “can’t read, won’t buy,” customers are less likely to purchase something if they are not confident in their ability to comprehend the sale. If they are proficient in the language, they are more likely to stay on your website and purchase products. If they do not understand the language, they will most likely leave without purchasing anything.

Localization Impacts Customer Trust

Mono-linguistic corporations today are realizing that a huge population of potential buyers are missing from their customer base.  A notable area of opportunity for sales growth with localization services is in user-generated content, like customer reviews and social media. Over half of potential customers buy a product after reading one to six reviews. This is proof enough that multilingual online reviews matter.

With localization practices in place for customer-created content in native languages, businesses see an increase in buyer trust. Customer-created content is made by choice, not by necessity, and this authenticity impacts customer trust when buying a product.


All aspects of the localization process are vital to global growth and success. At Akorbi, we understand just how much overcoming language and cultural barriers can impact business goals. We employ highly-qualified professionals with experience in many global markets, to propel your business towards international success. Give us a call today and browse our website for more details on the localization services we can offer you.

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