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A dedicated life science localization team at Akorbi has developed best practices to adhere to the strict quality and compliance requirements that this service vertical requires. Accurate translations and localization practices are key to making that goal happen in your global marketplace where you can affect millions of lives. In a highly regulated environment, our life sciences translation and localization team delivers compliant and accurate translations for your company.

Why Are Life Sciences Translation & Localization Important?

Your company must eliminate communication barriers so you can speak to all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from healthcare providers and hospitals to patients and their families. Messaging must be accurate on all levels.

Not only is the life sciences industry highly regulated, but stakeholders must also adapt quickly. Time to market is essential. New breakthroughs, medicines, devices, and technology can be game changers for your brand once they come out. The faster you turn out high-quality products that comply with regulations, the better position you find yourself in a highly competitive marketplace.

Several sectors come together in life sciences, and it’s critical that translations are accurate among all stakeholders. Scientists, research, engineering, marketing, compliance, and manufacturing must all be able to communicate with each other.

And this is before you even put your products in front of consumers.

A mistranslation or even a misunderstanding can result in medical complications before, during, and after a clinical trial. If reports for clinical trials are mistranslated, your company could affect people’s health and their lives. Accurate translations keep your products moving through the regulatory process on time by preventing delays or setbacks. Initial research to products in the hands of consumers can take years.

You help turn medical science into products that can save lives. That’s why all your regulators and any other stakeholders need to know exactly what your products do for the target audience. Akorbi provides qualified and certified translators and a robust quality assurance process to help your life sciences products meet regulatory and consumer standards.

What We Do

Terminology Management

Forward Translation

Two qualified and certified subject matter experts and native speakers of the target language translate a document from the source language to the target language.

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Back Translation

Native speakers of the original source language translate a document that has already been translated into the target language back to the source language to validate accuracy.

Equivalency Statement

We perform a side-by-side comparison of the original source file and the back translation. The back translation team only has access to the target language translation, NOT the original file. This ensures accuracy and equivalence of meaning.

Terminology Management

Terminology Management

We offer both Subject-matter and client-based terminology management to maintain consistency with your unique terms for each language.

Who we support:

Partner with Akorbi

Partner with Akorbi for accurate, timely, and compliant translations in the life sciences sector. 

We perform translations for clinical documents, pharmacovigilance, technical manuals and instructions, product labeling, marketing materials, and more.

We use a solid quality management process and technology for accurate translations.


Akorbi ensures your documentation is sent securely, following privacy regulations and confidentiality agreements, to vendors, stakeholders, and partners using accurate verbiage for the target audience. 

Our team would be happy to share case studies with you!

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Impact of Accurate Life Sciences Translations

Vera Richards
Our Leader

Vera Richards

Vice President of Translation
Vera’s 20 plus years localization experience spans various positions from translator, localization engineer, project manager, group manager and program director, with the past 10 years at Moravia IT.

Under Vera’s leadership, Akorbi's translation team is increasing agility, utilizing the latest technology and building up the supply chain to partner with clients to bring in solutions to make their products feel native in any international locale.

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