Courseware Development

Do You Need A Customized Training Program That Connects Your Staff on Both a Human and Technical Level?

Akorbi Learning Solutions’ custom content creation services have helped numerous organizations across the world deliver powerful learning solutions that are engaging and business-centric. With a proven track record of almost two decades spanning numerous industry verticals, we have successfully delivered solutions to match the specific needs of our clients, ranging from large global conglomerates to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our cross platform expertise adds to our ability to deliver the right blend of solutions on time and within budget.

Instructional Design

We at Akorbi Learning Solutions understand the direct correlation between learner retention and engagement to the performance objectives of the solution is being met. We also understand the importance of creating comprehensive, interactive learning models which would enable learner retention and engagement. Our strategies for maximum learner engagement and retention range from interaction strategies to instructional and media strategies. Our learning philosophy is clearly aligned to our motto of creating courses that actually engage the leaner ensuring maximum returns for our clients.

Based on the client’s needs and investment, and the user’s needs, we design optimized blended learning solutions with highly interactive online learning components for enhanced learner engagement. Our online solutions are categorized under three Levels and are demarcated in terms of instructional value and the end needs of the users.

Level One:

A Level -1 course is mostly applicable when where there is limited bandwidth or when the user’s computer may not be capable of supporting high-end multimedia. This course is also used as a reference tool when the content is mostly information based that needs to be known or remembered. The learners will find out and learn —terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts. Understand uses and implications of terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts.

Level Two:

A Level -2 course is mostly applicable in environments that can afford medium to high bandwidth, modern and fully equipped computer equipment, and no limitations on the use of sound. A level-2 course is mainly used when the content requires understanding of uses and implications of terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts and making use of, applying practice theory, solving problems, using information in new situations.

Level Three:

A Level -3 course utilizes leading edge technologies that allow for use of audio, video, animations, high-level interactions, and record keeping and is combined to provide trainings. A level-3 course is usually used when the content requires the learners to make use of, apply practice theory, solve problems, and use information in new situations.

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