At Akorbi, it is our mission to provide our clients with the most extensive and affordable language services. We strive to give our clients the translation and transcription help that they need to make their business or organization run more smoothly. One of the things that sets Akorbi apart is the wide variety of languages that are supported by our translators, transcriptionists, and software.

How Many Languages Does Akorbi Support?

The United States Census Bureau reported at least 350 languages spoken in U.S. homes as recently as 2015.  In the New York metro area alone, 192 languages are spoken in homes, and in the Los Angeles metro area, 54% of the metro area population that is five years old or older speak a language other than English at home. What this means for many organizations and businesses is that there might be a very real language barrier between them and their potential clients or customers.   At Akorbi, we support 150 languages. And while other companies offer more, they don’t provide the services that we do. What makes us different is that we offer much more than translation services.

What Does Akorbi Do With These Languages?

There are a lot of language service companies to choose from, but none of them offer the multitude of services that Akorbi does. We are not only able to support hundreds of languages for you, whether it be for translation or transcription, but we can fully integrate those languages into our software. For Akorbi customers, that means that those languages will also be integrated into your software. We even offer project management to help you coordinate these language services.

Why Do Language Capabilities Matter?

Many of our customers may be asking why it matters that we offer hundreds of languages when most companies only need two or three for their particular purposes. When it comes to language services, the name of the game is accuracy and efficiency. Anybody can translate a language and some might even be able to translate and transcribe multiple. But nobody can do what we can do in terms of services offered.

Take Your Company To The Next Level

Akorbi can support hundreds of languages for your company or organization, and we can educate your staff through our learning services. We want to help make your organization a multilingual competitor. Give us a call today at 1-877-425-6724 or reach out to us via our Contact Us page for more information.