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ADAPT powered by Akorbi

Multimodal Language Services Platform

ADAPT powered by Akorbi is a multimodal language services technology platform that allows clients to easily access interpretation services through phone, video or in-person scheduling, as well as document translation and localization services. The platform delivers all of this with unparalleled access to reporting and analytical data, which allows clients to track spending, savings and engagement data.

ADAPT makes it possible to connect to services and data instantly through a powerful, secure and versatile platform. This multilingual, data-driven, complex telephony, video and telemedicine solution is combined with artificial intelligence to help connect people all over the world. With this platform, connections can be made around the world. For example, people in Dakar, Senegal in Africa; Chicago, Illinois; Saint Vincent, Cape Verde; Miami, Florida; Cartago, Colombia; Hanoi, Vietnam and indigenous villages in the jungles of Mexico, can now connect with medical providers in Los Angeles. These connections are now possible with the simple click of a button.

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Features of Adapt

This revolutionary technology enables the growth of businesses in the global economy by increasing access to diverse audiences and reducing labor cost. 

Additional features include:

  • Integration: Dynamic movement of data between ADAPT and a variety of external systems, including healthcare EMR systems, QA systems, and accounting applications.
  • Interoperable: Ability to communicate with various applications and devices though ADAPT (PC, iPad, Android, Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco, etc.)
  • Unified: A single solution for clients to coordinate and manage all their language service needs. The system also allows for multiple access levels, allowing managers to see account and billing information, that a basic user would not need access to.
  • Real-time data: Collection and manipulation of user data, including Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals’ feedback. This allows users to quantify the success of ADAPT’s deployment; crucial for regulatory compliance. Also allows for demographic insight to help better understand and reach a target demographic.
  • Affordable: The ADAPT platform offers several modes to access a linguist, whether through phone, video or in-person. While this makes language access easier, it also makes it more cost-effective, allowing customers to more easily budget time and money.
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Benefits of ADAPT

  1. Easily access overseas and demographically-diverse markets.
  2. Easily connect with their customers and employees who are deaf, hard of hearing or have other disabilities.
  3. Save money on expensive travel and in-person interpreters.
  4. See individuals with mobility impediments via video which saves costs related to expensive  prearranged transportation.
  5. Instead of waiting for hours or days for a scheduled interpreter, you can instantly connect with an interpreter to begin speaking with a non-English speaking client, prospect, employee or patient.
  6. It eliminates the cost and danger of travel to distant specialists who speak the patient’s language, particularly if the distance requires overnight stays and/or flights.
  7. It provides more access to individuals and markets in rural areas.
  8. Customers can easily access native language support for any communication need.
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Additional Benefits Specific to Medical and Healthcare Providers

  1. Converts the hours spent traveling to patients, to hours spent seeing patients.
  2. People are more likely to seek the care they need, instead of ignoring health issues, when access to doctors and interpreters are more easily and affordably accessible.
  3. Increases scheduling and billing efficiency because patients can be seen through video and phone.
  4. Providers can serve more patients in a day, easing provider and availability shortages.
  5. Providers can easily consult and connect with specialty providers for their patients.
  6. Offers providers better community reach and exposure because of expanded services and availability.

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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »