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How Language Matters in Mental Health

Sad, Neutral, and Happy Faces

Language is all around us. Roughly 6,500 languages constitute our diverse and cultured world. Language positively impacts rapport, self-esteem, and productivity regarding proper communication within the workforce. 

There are common misconceptions about mental health and the effects of not understanding a language or the inability to express yourself. Today’s blog dives into how language matters in mental health and your business operations.


If you live in an area where you do not speak the local language, it’s common to feel isolated and lonely. Feelings of isolation can result in poor performance, low productivity, and high absenteeism. As a society, finding connections and similarities to the people around us impact our livelihood physically, mentally, and emotionally. Connection is a crucial component of a thriving mental state. It offers security and acceptance, thus boosting our brain chemistry and firing our reward receptors to continue the behavior. 

For clients, language serves many purposes. It demonstrates brand loyalty and commitment to their business. Knowing that someone is there to speak their language offers your consumers reassurance and increased credibility for your trade. Understanding when your business needs language software is essential to its success. If you’re in the field of law or medicine, people from all over the world may utilize your services or expertise. 


When was the last time you felt rejected? What did it feel like emotionally? Did it affect your mindset and how you performed throughout your day? Sometimes, businesses hire employees who do not speak the native language in a large work environment. Whether it’s work placement or international relations, it’s rare to find many Spanish- or French-speaking individuals in the midwestern region of the United States or vice versa. 

When language becomes scarce in the workplace and no one takes the time to communicate with the non-native person, feelings of rejection may surface. The pains of social rejection take a toll on us mentally. We feel unaccepted, invalidated, and insignificant to our work patrons or even the clients that advance our business. Mentally, rejection causes anger, anxiety, and even depression leading to reduced performance in the workplace. Cognitively, the brain begins to slow down, making it more challenging to execute intellectual tasks. If rejection continues, it may linger and build inside the brain, causing unhappiness and social regression. 

Noticing changes in an individual’s behavior is key to determining if that person is facing depression or other mental distresses. At Akorbi, our language solutions assist your staff with the importance of researching your clientele, whether selling a service or creating a partnership. Various dialects contribute to an overall language. Comprehending language dichotomies and how they influence your business will increase revenue and mass networking. 

Reduce Stress

Imagine yourself as a customer with a technical issue: you pick up the phone to call customer service, but the operating line is an entirely different language. A scenario like this one can cause stress for your international consumers and clientele. Clients and customers love the peace of mind that comes with clear communication. Addressing customer concerns clearly and quickly will relieve stress and continue to build your brand in a positive light. High stress levels can manifest in our physical health, causing illnesses and poor mobility with long-term exposure. 

Businesses want to reduce customer concerns, not raise them. For clients, appealing to their comfort is the formula for powerhouse alliances that can extend your business operations globally. For multilingual contracts, language semantics may misconstrue your message preventing mergers. Akorbi language translation software translates your business contracts with accuracy and precision. 

Bolster Confidence

Language fluency boosts confidence. When you can efficiently communicate your beliefs and ideas, you gain a sense of authenticity. You feel good about speaking to your co-workers, increasing the likelihood of forming friendships and positive networking. When life feels like it’s moving in a great direction, your mind acts accordingly. High self-esteem and positive thinking heighten neurological functioning that allows you to find solutions to complex issues and think intrinsically. 

Remove the Language Barrier With Akorbi Solutions

Don’t let your business stagnate from language barriers, either internally or externally. Connect on an international scale with Akorbi and our multilingual services. Akorbi is a world-renowned language solutions enterprise. We help businesses internationally connect with vendors, customers, and partners for their language translation, interpretation, and data analyzing needs. Your business will reap the benefits of multilingual contact services and more through our metrics. 

We also assist with project management, marketing automation, technical staffing, and more. Our certificates of excellence and accolades make us a top contender in our market and the 12th largest language provider in the United States. 

No matter what industry you serve, our team is here to help. Contact us online to learn more about our language and interpretation services. 

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