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How to Keep Human Connectivity While Going Digital

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Human connectivity in a digital world can be a hard thing to foster. With so many innovations in technology, if business leaders are not careful, employees and customers can be negatively impacted. Tools like Zoom or Google Meets certainly help bring people together in a virtual way, but is there more organizations can do to bring people together? In today’s blog, Akorbi discusses ways businesses can keep and inspire human connectivity in a digital world.

People Come First

In the world where technology reigns, it’s important that your organization maintains its focus on supporting people first, whether it be the people that act as customers or the people that are employed by the company. Due to the advancement of technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, a large amount of the workforce has transitioned to working fully remote or coming into the office for only part of the time. Because of this, employees could potentially lose a significant amount of the person-to-person interaction that they were used to receiving. How work is completed has also changed, as many organizations are focused on collaborating together through the use of virtual tools. Lastly, the work in which companies perform has changed forever, as many businesses are solely focused on providing their customers with a digital experience or product, thus removing yet another physical connection point. 

To combat this from the perspective of an organization aiding their employee’s connectedness, it’s helpful for companies to get creative! With many teams collaborating virtually from different places across the country, organizations are helping bring employees together by creating fun, team-oriented experiences. If your company works remotely yet has employees located in the same geographical area, scheduling a team lunch, retreat, or activity is a great way to foster the connectedness of your employees. If this isn’t feasible, planning an event such as a virtual happy hour or trivia night is another way to bring your people together! 

Create Digital Processes that Aid People

Another way to inspire human connectivity in the digital world is to ensure that your organization’s digital processes benefit your employees or customers, rather than hurt them. For example, if your company’s technology solutions are not streamlined, you could be costing your employees valuable time and energy. RunMyProcess, an Akorbi Digital company, can help streamline your organization’s processes and offer solutions that integrate with any aspect of your business. 

It is also beneficial for companies to strategically think through how they do business in a digital setting. Would it be helpful to your clients or customers to create a human touchpoint in their journey? Solutions to this can include scheduling a virtual meeting or phone call, that way the prospective customer or client can build a true connection to someone within your organization, which can positively impact brand loyalty. 

Be Intentional

In everything your company does, make sure that it leads with intentionality. Create human connections in an intentional way that is beneficial to your staff, clients, and customers. This can look very different for any organization, depending on what industry you serve. Ultimately, business leaders should understand how their current processes foster human connectivity and be willing to adapt to make it even better. Advanced technology benefits our society and can be used in a positive way to bring people together. 

Akorbi’s Digital Solutions

Akorbi can help bridge the gap between connected human beings and advanced technological processes and ways of doing business. If your company needs translation, interpretation, or multilingual workforce solutions, we can help! Visit our website to learn more about who we are and receive a free quote today. 

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