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Interpretation Services: What Is Simultaneous Interpretation?

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There are two main types of interpretation services: consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Both of these types provide a variety of benefits. Today’s blog post from Akorbi focuses specifically on simultaneous interpretation. Read on as we explain how it works and why it’s crucial. 

What Is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is a term used to describe when the interpretation is performed while the speaker continues to talk. In other words, simultaneous interpreters don’t wait for the speaker to finish sentences before they interpret, but rather interpret as the speaker continues. This eliminates the delay between the speaker and the listener. As such, it’s one of the most demanding interpretation services in the world today. Simultaneous interpretation is commonly used in business meetings, during speeches at the United Nations, and when other high-level international conferences take place. 

How Does It Work?

There are a few unique methods to this type interpretation service. There is traditional simultaneous interpretation. This occurs when the interpreter speaks to a group of people from a booth while the speaker continues talking. This is different than whispering interpretation, which typically involves the interpreter sitting or standing near the audience rather than being in a booth. Whispering interpretation works well for smaller audiences because the interpreter speaks at a lower volume. 

Why Is Simultaneous Interpretation Important?

Many believe that simultaneous interpretation is the most efficient and effective form of interpretation. It makes the interpretation process quicker and more natural. This method also ensures that no words are left out. With other interpretation services, the interpreter is almost paraphrasing what’s said, and this may lead to missed details. Simultaneous interpretation also saves time and makes your communication more efficient. 

Contact Akorbi for Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is demanding, but Akorbi has the staff to make it as simple as possible. Our team has excellent solutions for your business. For more information on what we offer, contact Akorbi or call (214) 256-9222.

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