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Interpretation Services: Technology Developments

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New, Modern Developments in Interpretation Services Technology

Technology is a big part of the translation and interpretation services industry. At Akorbi, we take every opportunity to make the most of new developments in technology for interpretation services. This means that you get the benefit of the latest in translation technology, along with the professional service of Akorbi.

But, what kind of technology are we talking about? And how does it help to improve interpretation services? In this blog, the Akorbi interpreter team is looking at some of the biggest developments — past and future — of translation technology, and how they improve interpretation services.

Translators in the Palm of Our Hands

Perhaps the most obvious new tech that had served as a big step forward in interpretation services is mobile and smartphone technology. The vast majority of us now carry around a fairly powerful computer, usually with full internet access, right in our pockets.

Translation and interpretation apps are plenty and are often geared specifically towards speed, simplicity, and ease-of-use. While this is rarely a substitute for human interpretation, it does make things a lot easier to have a quick-and-easy way to translate on the go.

Better Machine Learning

When it comes to interpretation, rather than just direct translation, you’re asking a little more of your smartphone or whatever software on a laptop or tablet you may be using. Interpretation isn’t just about swapping out words. It’s also about tone, context, and presentation. While these are often hard for our digital counterparts to manage, the technology is always improving.

Speech recognition technology has come a long way — just ask anyone who has been a regular user of voice search functions on their phone. Giving simple commands has evolved into being able to ask specific questions, with some newer technology even being able to pick up on different inflections in speech. While this is still a long way off from full interpretation, it shows just how much potential interpretation technology has.

Digital Resources for New Interpreters

It’s not just apps and software that benefit from the improved reach of digital services. As the connectivity of our world becomes even broader, it makes the job of being an interpreter and providing translation much easier for us, too.

There are resources online for both new and experienced interpreters to find education, testing, qualifications, news, and job listings the world over. Remotely staffing live chat or phone-based translation services has also become significantly simpler in our always-online culture.

A Broad Reach for Interpretation Services

By the same token, new technology opens interpretation and translation services up to many more people across the world. It’s easier than ever to reach out to someone now, and a translation agency can communicate with clients and customers the world-over to offer their services instantaneously.

Find Out More About Our Interpretation Services

Are you looking for an interpreter? Or are you in need of professional transcription or localization services? Whatever your translation needs are, Akorbi can help. We’ve helped clients the world over communicate better with their clients, and each other, and we can bring out custom solutions to you. Contact Akorbi today.

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