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Interpretation Services in Health Care

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One industry that faces many serious language barriers is healthcare. In the healthcare industry, strong communication between doctors and patients is pivotal and even lifesaving. This is especially true for emergency situations. For that reason, interpretation services are something that hospitals need to run smoothly and safely. In today’s blog post, Akorbi discusses how interpretation services can lower language barriers in a healthcare setting. 

Language Barriers in Healthcare

Healthcare providers in multilingual and multicultural environments must prepare for a variety of languages spoken by the patients they treat. Healthcare staff need to interpret important information quickly and efficiently. The most common language barriers in healthcare exist between patients and doctors. These barriers aren’t always urgent, however, your staff may require quick solutions in emergencies. How does a hospital handle a person walking into an emergency room that doesn’t speak the same language as the staff? The answer is reliable interpretation services.

On-Site Staff or Third-Party Services?

Many hospitals utilize multilingual staff members to solve language barrier problems. This is an excellent solution because on-site staff can handle the majority of language barriers, and they are seamlessly integrated into your team. However, hiring on-site personnel can only address a handful of the most common language barriers. When a patient comes in who speaks a language your on-site staff do not, it will be necessary to utilize a third-party interpretation service.

Understand Your Needs

Your business requires interpretation services for all sorts of different situations. Hospitals require staff who can interpret well and communicate with patients in emergencies. Doctors must have the ability to develop detailed patient histories to establish diagnoses, and they need to communicate instructions without being misunderstood. Multilingual staffing and interpretation services work together to address the myriad language barriers in the healthcare environment. Akorbi can provide both solutions, so doctors can always speak the patient’s language.

Contact Akorbi for More Information

At Akorbi, we provide interpretation services and international staffing solutions. We specialize in breaking language barriers for all businesses. For more information on what we do, call (214) 256-9222 or contact Akorbi today.

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