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How On-Demand Interpretation Works for Your Business

On-Demand Interpretation

If you’re a multinational company that works with more than one language, on-demand interpretation is a vital part of business. Whether it’s in-person, over-the-phone, video, or mobile interpretation, Akorbi makes it easy for your team to communicate clearly with clients all around the world. Even if all of your clients live in the same country, correct interpretation can win the day if you deal with customers in a multicultural landscape. Akorbi explains how on-demand interpretation works to improve your business model.

Enhancing Customer Service

Customers call with questions or concerns about your products or services. Some customers speak languages that are outside your usual mode of business. You can reroute these calls to an on-demand interpretation specialist who is trained on your policies and procedures. Rather than waiting to hear back from your team at a later time, on-demand interpreting puts your customers at ease because your company speaks their language.

Reducing Errors

Professional on-demand interpretation services reduce errors when it comes to translations and vital information. An in-person interpreter can mean the difference between life and death at a hospital when doctors try to diagnose a patient. Interpreters also make it easier to collaborate during research and development, legal proceedings, and networking conferences. Interpreters enhance your brand by making your products and services more accurate to your target markets, anywhere in the world.

Expediting Tasks

On-demand interpretation expedites tasks and interactions. Instead of recording a call or videoconference and then hiring a translator to make a transcription, on-demand services take care of the call in real-time. You spend less staff time struggling with technical issues, and you don’t keep your clients or customers waiting. There are no delayed responses when you have an interpreter on-demand as part of your direct interactions.

Saving Money

The goal of on-demand interpretation is to reduce errors and misunderstandings. By doing so, you eliminate the staff time it takes to fix mistakes. Getting things right the first time means fewer misdiagnoses in a healthcare environment, fewer problems when developing new products with an international team, and better customer service every day. All of these things add up to greater client and customer satisfaction, better results, and an improved bottom line. Plus, your staffers spend more of their valuable time on critical business operations rather than fixing mistakes that got lost in translation.

On-Demand Interpretation at Akorbi

Akorbi meets all of your on-demand interpretation requirements, from over-the-phone interpretation and video interpretation to in-person sessions and mobile interpretation in more than 170 languages. ADAPT powered by Akorbi is our multimodal language services platform that takes your interpretation to new levels. Contact us today or call toll-free at 1-877-425-6724 to learn more.

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