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How Multilingual Support in Contact Centers Impact Customers

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Contact Centers: The Real Impact Multilingual Support Has on Customers

Imagine that your internet stops working, and to solve the issue you must seek help from a contact center. Easy enough, right? But you discover that the contact center doesn’t support the language you speak. Where do you go from there? Millions living in the United States experience this frustration every day.

Unfortunately, many businesses forget to take into account the increasing need for multi-language customer service assistance. However, more and more companies are realizing that multilingual customer service leads to increased customer loyalty, communication efficiency, and a more profitable bottom line. Read on to learn why companies across the globe are racing to provide the best multilingual service they can for their customers.

Improved Company Perception = Customer Loyalty

Contact centers, unlike call centers, include email, instant messaging, direct web services, and telephone services as part of their customer support efforts. If a contact center is not able to provide you with the service you require, your perception of the company will be diminished and you won’t recommend them to a friend. If this contact center had the multi-language support available, your issue would have been resolved and you’d be one happy customer.

Consistently meeting your customer’s ever-growing expectations is a constant battle faced around the globe today. Companies that can keep up are also the ones who have been able to staff multilingual professionals to create and maintain lasting customer relationships. With improved company perception comes customer loyalty.

Increased Communication Efforts = Increased Productivity

Lack of miscommunications in the workplace leads to a more productive use of work time. In turn, this allows employees to deliver a satisfactory customer experience that is efficient. No longer will customers be put on hold as your unequipped contact center scrambles to find someone for over-the-phone translation. Staffing multilingual individuals ensures that valuable work time is saved, and valuable customers are satisfied.


It’s no longer practical to solely use English in customer support practices. The availability you provide by simply expanding your reach by one or two additional languages exceeds customer expectations and increases customer loyalty. This focus on streamlined communication then improves workplace productivity and saves your company money.

At Akorbi, we specialize in multilingual support solutions. We will match your business with the right multilingual support you need, whether that’s localization services, staffing solutions, or contact center support. Visit our website for more information on what we can offer you.

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