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How Does Website Localization Impact Social Media?

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The international marketplace grows more and more digital by the day, and website localization is no longer optional. You must orient your content towards the specific cultures and demographics in your target audience to succeed with your marketing strategy. This also includes your social media efforts. So, what role does localization play in your social media presence? In today’s blog post, Akorbi discusses website localization and social media. 

What Is Localization?

Localization is the process of targeting branded content to a specific geographic or cultural market. In the digital space, localizing your website is among the most important things to accomplish when you have an international market. Website localization starts with internationalization, which is a technical term for getting your website’s code ready to be localized. After that, you choose your target markets and audiences, analyze those markets, and move forward with content and products specific to their language and their culture. 

Is Localization Important for Social Media?

Localization on social media works in the same way as other content localization services, such as website localization. The same fundamental principles apply even though social media is a different medium compared to website localization. 

Social media localization is critical for many large international corporations. McDonald’s, for instance, has Twitter accounts for all of the major countries that it operates in. These accounts are all owned and maintained by McDonald’s, but each one looks drastically different when it comes to content. Localization is vital because social media is about user experience. The user experience for a McDonald’s lover in China will look different than that of other countries. 

How Can Your Business Localize?

Localizing your business on social media looks similar to the website localization process. First, identify your target audiences, marketplaces, and languages. Once you do that, analyze those audiences and determine what kind of content will work for them. You want to have a unique social media strategy for each local audience. For instance, some companies might be on social media exclusively to build their brands, while others might want their accounts to lead to conversions. Once those things are in place, you can create content that is perfect for each audience. 

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