Are you looking for Health Care Interpreters?

Akorbi’s certified interpreters have vast knowledge of the healthcare and medical industries.  You can connect to them in seconds using Akorbi’s proprietary ADAPT Platform, which gives you quick and easy access to all our interpretation services, including video, phone, on-site and mobile.

Interpretation Services

With ADAPT, you get access to a technology platform that’s HIPAA compliant, secure and meets government-mandated privacy laws.

Additionally, ADAPT can help you capture data intelligence through its market survey capabilities. This feature will help you get to know your patients better and improve customer service.

Akorbi’s healthcare and medical interpreters:

Phone Interpretations

Within seconds, you can connect to our experienced healthcare and medical interpreters – any time of the day or night, including holidays.  Simply:

  1. Dial your dedicated phone number
  2. Enter your access code
  3. Request the language you need

In a matter of seconds, you will connect with an experienced language interpreter.

With Akorbi’s secure client portal, you’ll have access to everything you need, including call activity reports, language reports, surveys and much more.

The Akorbi Advantage:

Video Interpretations

Akorbi’s video interpretation for the medical and healthcare industries allows you to control costs and access interpretation on-demand.  You can use your current computer, tablet or mobile device to connect to a highly-qualified interpreter in seconds.

All you need to set-up video interpretation services from your location is Internet access, a computer or tablet with webcam access OR your mobile device.

Accessing an Interpreter simply:

  1. Log-in to our secure portal
  2. Select your language
  3. Wait for the interpreter to appear on your screen

The Akorbi Advantage:

On-site/Face-to-Face Interpretations


If you’re dealing with a highly complex medical situation, you may need a face-to-face interpreter with extensive medical or healthcare knowledge. You can select from consecutive and simultaneous interpreters in over 170 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

To schedule your on-site/face-to-face interpreter, simply:

The Akorbi Advantage:

Translation & Localization

With Akorbi, you have access to a variety of translation and localization solutions to help you meet your global business needs.  We’ll work with you to choose the best solution, or combination of solutions, to best support your project and maximize your budget.  You’ll be able to choose from the following solutions:

With Akorbi, you’ll get:

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